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  1. Ground cable upgrade
  2. IACV clean / check !
  3. Oil change !
  4. EG Stereo Install
  5. READ FIRST! - Terms/format of posting
  6. DIY Headlights/Valve Cover
  7. h22a into EG civic swap
  8. Front Brake Pad change !
  9. DIY: Cold air intake (pics)
  10. DIY-B16a conversion INTO EG civic (Breeze) for this 1
  11. DIY : Coilover Adjusting (Request)
  12. Drilling Radius Rods for Castor - Prelude, EF Civic, Accord
  13. Installing Re-Drilled Radius Rods
  14. DIY: Black Housing JDM headlight ---6th Gen Accord
  15. DIY: Putting AIRHORNS in a JAZZ!!! 56kb WARNING
  16. how fibreglass audio components
  17. Where to dump used oil!
  18. Brake rotor Change Tutorial
  19. **Civic Weightloss Guide**
  20. DIY : CHECK ECU for j00 !
  21. tyre pressure?
  22. Antenna Switch
  23. K&N Typhoon Review [DC5R]
  24. Car running not-so-hot? B4 $$$ , try this DIY ECU test !!!
  25. HeadLight REVIEW
  26. D2 Racing Coilovers - reviewed!!
  27. Simota Cold Air Intake Review (massive pic warning)
  28. help needed: dc2 clutch fluid change
  29. B18C Swap image archive
  30. EG Handbrake adjust
  31. Air Filter Review
  32. Fit a DC5 Type R Knob to a Euro
  33. DIY: Coolant change (EG/EK/DC2)
  34. DIY: Brake fluid flush
  35. AUDM B16A2 Swap Progress
  36. Custom Gauge Holder
  37. Changing Recaro rails from you Integra/Civic
  38. DIY: Tranny removal and Input Shaft Bearing change
  39. Tacho installation
  40. DIY: Fitting M3 Mirrors
  41. Dual Carb Modifications
  42. Dual Carb Modifications
  43. DIY: Building and installing speaker pods (for EK Civic)
  44. ///Honda R - Featuring Vision N1 Muffler review and DIY muffler installation
  45. DIY: DC2 Radio removal
  46. DIY: Custom Fibreglass Gauge Holder
  47. Installed my short shifter yesterday
  48. H22A civic experiance!!!
  49. K&N Typhoon Intake Conversion To SRI
  50. DIY: Removing stock airbox and resonator from EK Civic
  51. REVIEW: Comptech IceBox Install (DC2)
  52. Removing A Motor Ghetto Style.
  53. Removing a b18c Ghetto style
  54. DIY: DC2 Trunk floor brace
  55. Got Rust?
  56. DIY: power steering fluid change (EG/EK/DC2)
  57. DIY tappet adjustment
  58. B&M Short shifter - Install and Review!
  59. WRENCHIN' WITH TRAV - Header Install
  60. Clear Indicator DIY - Easy As
  62. [DIM] Did-it-myself Groundwiring
  63. DIY: Vtec Light
  64. Clear out your front blinkers/tail lights for 94 accord
  65. WRENCHIN' WITH TRAV - Slotted Rear Rotor Install
  66. DIY: 3rd Brakelight for EJ/EK Hatches with EK9 Wing
  67. DIY: Taillight Upgrade EJ/EK Hatchback
  68. DIY Thermostat change EG/ED/EK/DC...
  69. WRENCHIN' WITH TRAV - Front Strut Bar Install
  70. WRENCHIN' WITH TRAV - Oil Catch Can Install
  71. DIY: D-Series Valve Cover in Red
  72. Diy : Custom Cupholders For Most Hondas
  73. WRENCHIN' WITH TRAV - Carbon Fibre Js Racing Intake Install
  74. WRENCHIN' WITH TRAV - EG HB 18mm Rear Sway Bar Install
  75. Jazz X-Force header
  76. |N|'s DIY CAI
  77. Honda Civic EJ8 X-Force Header Review
  78. Review: K&N Filter Recharger Kit
  79. DIY : 92-95 EG Civic Hatch Rear Wiper Removal
  80. X-Force Headers LS Teg review
  81. DIY: Thermostat Replacement DC2
  82. [toE-I-Y] Removing stock headunit for 98-02 Accord
  83. Cusco strut bar & lower arm bar 2 - EURO
  84. DIY gear change & speed light for RSM
  85. Review: Tweeter Positioning
  86. Renewing LS Integra Headlights
  87. WRENCHIN' WITH TRAV - Clutch Fluid Change
  88. DIY Turbo Install on Civic
  89. How To Remove The Tps
  90. Tanabe Hyper Medallion Install on DC2R
  91. Changing the bulbs in your Honda?
  92. [Euro] DC Header - Installed
  93. DIY Upper head gaskets replacement/reseal. (non-vtec DOHC engines)
  94. DIY HID Globe and Parker install
  95. XForce headers/cat/twin loop
  96. Review: Tanabe Sustec Pro S-0C Coilover
  97. REVIEW: COMPTECH ICEBOX intake for s2000
  98. Clearing 90-91 Integra LS Indicators
  99. DIY: how to snap the crank bolt without an impact gun
  100. Review - Mugen Twin Loop Exhaust - DC2R
  101. Review - Mugen Intake - DC2R
  102. [Euro] Whiteline swaybar fitted
  103. DIY : Compression testies :)
  104. DIY Changing Front Brake Pads - DC2R
  106. Have you used one of the DIYs/Articles in this forum?
  107. DIY DC5 HID install
  108. Tanabe Sustec Pro SS - Review
  109. DIY ED Civic Front Swaybar Install
  110. Review - LSD Motorsport Clutch and Flywheel
  111. DIY Car Washing and Polishing
  112. ETD, CBS, Volt Stabilizer
  113. Wrenchin' With Trav - Eg Koni Yellow Shock Install
  114. Motor Oil Myths and Facts
  115. WRENCHIN' WITH TRAV - EG Amber Corners
  116. X-Force Twin Loop Review - Sound Clips inc :D
  117. [accord94-96] short shift DIY
  118. [Euro] Mugen Grille DIY in Photos. CAUTION 56k users
  119. DIY Speedo recalibrate 88 CRX Cable
  120. WRENCHIN' WITH TRAV - EG5 Civic Rear Brake Pad Swap
  121. Review: Jimmeh DVD, How to rebuild a VTEC engine
  122. CNLight HID from BT
  123. Diy: Dc5 Type S Hid Installation
  124. DIY: "Custom" CAI for EK
  125. [DIY] - Vision C/F Mirrors DC2
  126. [DIY] Comptech Ice box - Integra VTIR
  127. Custom made ITR Baffle Sump.
  128. DIY JDM B18C ITR Engine Install in EG Civic
  129. WRENCHIN' WITH TRAV - Whiteline 22mm Rear Swaybar + tiebar install on EG.
  130. Review- Winmax Pads on my EK1!
  131. Review - JDM EG9 FOGLIGHTS
  132. DOHC (non VTEC) Cam Seal change - 56K Safe
  133. EG/DC2 Front Lower Control Arm (LCA) bush change
  134. Vision Engine Damper - Review
  135. WRENCHIN' WITH TRAV - CD5 Accord Koni Red Shock Install.
  136. Accord Euro/TSX Rear Bumper Removal and JDM Taillight Install with Tutorial
  137. DIY Main PGMFI Relay repair
  138. Adding gauges V and DONE !!
  139. DIY Crank Pully Bolt Remove
  140. DIY Ignition Switch Replacement
  141. Skunk2 Intake Manifold Review
  142. DIY ABS Bleed Type I & II
  143. Whiteline rear swaybar/ tiebar review
  144. Sound Deadening Removal
  145. review - Revised xforce twinloop
  146. DIY Painting Wheels
  147. Whiteline rear 20-22mm rear sway + tie
  148. DIY Brake Master Cylinder rebuild
  149. My DIY amber/red gauge cluster
  150. DIY Front Brake pad change
  151. DIY: Gearbox oil/fluid change (b16a1)
  152. DIY/Article: Rust removal, Paint and Prevention.
  153. DIY: Throttle Body Cleaning
  154. Acura Integra Lower Gauge install DIY
  155. DIY Timing/Ballance Belt replace. Video
  156. Motor mount inserts and all new bushes
  157. Spraying Rims Noob style
  158. JDM dc5R review
  159. My DIY intake thermo
  160. My DIY intake thermo
  161. WRENCHIN' WITH TRAV - DBA Front Slotted Rotor Install
  162. furl saving products review
  163. ARC Induction Box
  164. DIY: JDM DC5R Gauge Cluster.
  165. REVIEW: K & N replacement panel air filter.
  166. Jazz Low temp thermostat DIY
  167. Resetting your ECU with BIG`O
  168. Building a sealed sub box
  169. DIY : Jazz lower brake light installation
  170. making your car smell phresh with BIG`O
  171. Fixing Window Rattle/Changing regulator assembly (DC2)
  172. "Indexing" and replacing Jazz sparkplugs
  173. Pioneer Eg Civic Diy Install Guide
  174. Summit Light Crank Pulley Review
  175. Insulating and ventilating Jazz manifold
  176. REVIEW: Skunk2 Dual Bend Short Shifter + Skunk2 Billet Knob
  177. Review- Buddy Club Spec III exhaust on EK1! (56k=get broadband, tightass!)
  178. DIY PGMFI Fuel Filter Change
  179. DIY - Changing the Lights Of Your Ek Dash
  180. DIY/REVIEW: J's Racing C-Pillar Bar for DC2R
  181. D16Y8(OBD2)motor swap into EG civic (OBD1)
  182. Power to manual steering rack
  183. Diy: Importing Half Cuts/parts
  184. Kappa1st's Sweatshop: Installing EG Sedan Access Visor Kits
  185. A solution to the swaybar hitting the exhaust problem
  186. DIY S2000 Stearing wheel install into 97 ATTS Prelude
  187. DIY S2000 start button into 97 Prelude
  188. Review- Buddy Club Short Shifter on d16
  189. REVIEW: Pivot RAIZIN Voltage Stabilizer + Ground Cables
  190. Pics of kitting an AVO turbo kit to Civic.
  191. Review ENDLESS VN9500 pads
  192. How-To:: Turbocharge Your Honda
  193. DIY installing gauges in the Jazz/Fit part 1
  194. DIY installing gauges in a Jazz/Fit part2
  195. DIY installing gauges in Jazz/Fit part 3
  196. DIY: CV Boot change on an EG
  197. REVIEW:S2000 look Antenna
  198. DIY - EG Resonator Removal (CRX - Delsol)
  199. [Review] DA9 Integra B&M Short shifter, ES Bushings and Spoon Gear knob. [Review]
  200. |diy| Tight A55 Air Freshner Conversion - Not For The Fainted Heart!!!
  201. DIY Jazz master cylinder movement stopper
  202. DIY: S2k Striker Swap (gets rid of roof noise at speed)
  203. DIY - Conversion of Altezza tail light indicator from red/amber to clear
  204. DIY: Spring/Shock combo into 1998 - 2002 CG/CK series Honda Accord
  205. EG Tow Hook Install
  206. DIY: CTR Headlight for EK (without oven)
  207. Ground cable, ghetto-bling-tightass make-your-own style
  208. DIY Sanding and spray can painting
  209. DIY Manual look Auto
  210. DIY ED9 ( 88 gen2 CRX ) B16A Engine transplant
  211. [B]DIY body/sound deadening
  212. DIY sanding and spray can painting II
  213. DIY sanding and spray can painting III
  214. DIY Remote Central locking for ed civic
  215. [DIY]NeRV: Refresh your old and tired strips!!
  216. [DIY] CD5 Accord Indicators/Park lights conversion.
  217. DIY Brake booster removal (and replacement)
  218. [DIY] Flip Trunk
  219. Tacho install
  220. DIY/Article: tail light gasket replacement on the cheap!
  221. DIY How to increase your oil pressure
  222. [DC] Fr0nT $trut Bar. :O
  223. Cleaning Throttle Body!
  224. DIY fixing the "JAZZ SMILE"
  225. Removing lower console of an EK
  226. Article/DIY: EF8 Specific Intake install.
  227. DIY desqueek steering wheel
  228. DIY OBDIIa DC2R Immobliser Removal
  229. REVIEW: Meguirs NXT Gen Wax and NXT Gen Wash
  230. [DIY] Installing the Comptech Icebox Air Intake Kit
  231. My diy CAI (what pod officer?)
  232. [DIY] Got a honda with cluster light iffy ? LOOK IN HERE !
  233. Installing Angel Eyes onto 00 EK civic sedan
  234. DIY MSD install on a Honda Civic
  235. mesh
  236. REVIEW: Apexi Silencer
  237. DIY - Breaker Bar Storage
  238. DIY: Spark Plug Change!
  239. Setting idle via Throttle Body.
  240. Diy - Ek9 Grill
  241. REVIEW: Eurocarbon copy of J's Racing Carbon Fibre Air Intake
  242. DIY 92-96 Prelude 4WS ECU Repair
  243. DIY: Whiteline CD Accord Rear Sway on CB Accord
  244. LAB tests for B16 Headers
  245. Replaced IACV and Still High revs ?? FIXED !!
  246. DIY _ ` airfilter box yO (carbon fibre!)
  247. DIY - OEM Air BOX Modified for CAI with Replacement K&N
  248. DIY - Euro R MT sports pedal installation on Accord Euro CL9 MT
  249. |DIY| cheap coloured wheel nuts
  250. |DIY| bring cheapo rims back to life