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01-01-2005, 04:44 PM
Press release by Honda Australia

Honda Boosts Sporty Appeal of Accord Euro

Honda’s critically acclaimed Accord Euro gets a performance boost in an update for 2005. The Accord Euro Luxury - starting at $40,800 for the six-speed manual version - gains 17 - wheels and upgraded suspension, while a full-size spare wheel becomes standard equipment on both Accord Euro variants.


A new colour - Milano Red - is also available on Accord Euro and Accord Euro Luxury, which is matched to black interior trim.

Pricing remains unchanged - the Accord Euro is $34,250 for the six-speed manual and $36,250 for the 5-speed automatic, while the Luxury variant is $40,800 (manual transmission) and $42,800 with automatic transmission.

The 05 Accord Euro is available now at Honda dealerships nationally.

22 December 2004

I think this is a really nice red - far better than the ruby colour we have at the moment. Love the rims too. These things will fly out of the showrooms.

01-01-2005, 06:05 PM
The press release seems to confilct with their Euro website price page for the standard Euro:

Version * RRP

Accord Euro
6-speed manual $33,500
5-speed automatic $35,500

Accord Euro Luxury
6-speed manual $40,500
5-speed automatic $42,500

* Recommended retail price.
* Does not include dealer delivery and government charges.
* Metallic & pearlescent paint an extra $300.

I assume only the Milano Red will be at the above listed prices.

01-01-2005, 07:58 PM
The Honda website has old info, it's not updated yet.

02-01-2005, 02:11 AM
As far as I remember, the old 2004 website had the manual base model Euro at $34,250.

02-01-2005, 02:24 AM
I should have bought my car NOW instead of THEN......

02-01-2005, 10:02 AM
Milano Red is a flat paint, therefore it is cheaper than other colors which are all Pearl paint.

02-01-2005, 10:29 AM
I should have bought my car NOW instead of THEN......I know what you mean - but Honda 9 times out of 10 will improve the new models. Imagine if you purchased the Euro just before a MAJOR update - this is a really minor update.

My boss paid $50K+ on a 03 Subaru Outback (the 6 cylinder one) just months before the new model came out (and the new one is sooo much better). He had no idea a new model was coming. I am also sure there are lots of people who purchased a Ford Falcon/Commodore at full list price just months before the update (ie to BA, etc). Those people should be pissed - not you :D

02-01-2005, 02:44 PM
they should be pissed cause they brought a ford or holden.... poor suckers :)

02-01-2005, 03:08 PM
you can never keep up. We bought an MDX basically a few months after they came out and then a few months later, they threw in a DVD player and roof mounted screen at no extra cost.

I bought my CRV in 02 and then 2 months later, they brought out a version with leather which I would have paid extra for.

At the end of the day, you buy the car when you need it and shouldnt worry too much about the updates as they will happen regardless.

02-01-2005, 08:50 PM
hmm 17' wheels and what type of upgraded suspension??.... doesnt seem that much of a performance upgrade :P

02-01-2005, 10:39 PM
I agree with yfin. This red is a much more appealing red IMO. :)

So, what's the confirmed pricing?

03-01-2005, 09:14 PM
The 05YM pricing is correct on the Acc Euro website. This reflects the small price drop that several Honda models received on 01-Jan-05.

However, the 05YM spec changes, photos and colours have not been reflected on the Acc Euro website yet - only the prices at this stage.

The press release announcing the changes was issued on 22-Dec-04, so that had the old pricing listed on it (which was correct at the time).

03-01-2005, 10:25 PM
Big fan of Milano red.... The Euro Rs come in that colour and look HOT with the 17s (same as my wheel but in solver).

Pity Milano Red never came in the 5th Gen prelude like it did in the US

04-01-2005, 01:40 AM
as mchook said...jdm dc5r rims but in silver...white looks better!

wana sell urz matt ?

06-01-2005, 11:18 PM
Wow we may be getting a Accord Euro Lux for family runaround.. didnt know bout the upgrades may give the BM the flick.

06-01-2005, 11:21 PM
I should have bought my car NOW instead of THEN......just be thankful its a minor upgrade... i remember some poor folks went out and got a dc2 integra just a few wks b4 the type R came out... for roughly the same asking price...

also if you're willing to wait, in another 6 mths i'm sure there'll be a refresher model... then another 6 mths down there'll be a facelifted model etc etc...

08-01-2005, 10:31 PM
hey what's the offset for the accord euro rims? I wonder if you can put them on a DC5R??