View Full Version : QLD Quick question on RWC

marc ED3
15-02-2013, 01:23 PM
Hi, a quick question for you people in Queensland.
I'm going to be moving up from Adelaide next week and am looking around for a car to buy. I've had b series eg's and dc2's for a few years now and want to pick one up in Brisbane so I can carry on doing track days etc etc and have something to play around with in the evenings.
There is an eg I like the look of which has a swap, suspension, brakes and basic bolt-ons. My question is if I get a car like this and it has no RWC and no mod plate how hard is it to get the RWC and all the paperwork sorted so everything is legal? I'd hate to buy something and find out it has to be put back to basically stock in order to register it, which is what would probably happen down here. Also roughly gow much would you expect it to cost?
Thanks a lot