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16-04-2013, 04:51 PM
Prices listed include GST but not freight unless specified otherwise.

Neat Gearboxes have put together a range of gearbox packages specifically for OzHonda forum members.

We ship interstate and internationally at very competitive prices. We sometimes have rebuilt units on the shelf, so please inquire.

Standard Rebuild:
A factory-standard rebuild. By standard, we don’t mean normal or boring. We just mean it’s built to Honda’s exacting standards. Why would you get a used wrecker ‘box that may have similar issues as the one you’ve just broken, when you can have it rebuilt with new Genuine Honda bits for a similar cost? We offer a 12 month/unlimited km warranty for street use. Here’s what’s included:

Brand new, Genuine Honda Parts:
Front input shaft bearing (ball)
Front countershaft bearing (needle)
Rear input shaft bearing (ball)
Middle countershaft bearing (ball)
Rear countershaft bearing (ball)
2 x diff bearings (ball/needle)
Countershaft bearing snap ring
Countershaft spacer washer
Diff spacer washer
Output shaft lock nut
Input preload snap ring
Input shaft seal
Selector shaft seal
Dust boot
2 x diff seals

Chemical spray wash
Disassemble and inspect
Bead blast case
Measure and (written) report on synchronizer clearance and condition of major components
Final clean components
Set bearing clearances and preloads
Reassemble to specifications with listed components

We use ThreeBond 1215 for case sealing.

B/D Series: $949
EP3/DC5: $1029
Accord K24: $1029

Complete Neat Rebuild:
Our "flagship" rebuild. This includes everything already listed in the Standard package, and then we beef everything up. This package is for hot street and track cars. If you’ve got more power than standard, or plan to, this is what you want. Here’s what we do:

Standard rebuild, plus:
Check shafts for runout
Check case for bearing bore alignment
Chemical hot tank gears and internal components
Magnetic crack test inspection of components under ultraviolet lamp
Demagnetize components
Shot peen gears and splines using SAE J2441 guidelines
Isotropic Super-Finish (ISF) gears, hubs, sleeves, shafts and rails

You may be wondering what some of this technology is and what it does. We’ve got a detailed tech/FAQ section on our website if you’re interested in the nitty gritty.

To summarise though, we check that everything is straight and true rather than assuming it is (checking shafts and case alignment). This is not a 5-minute process and requires special tools and instruments.

We then make everything super clean (chemical hot tank) and check nothing is going to explode when you put torque and power through the gears (crack testing). After this, we make sure that no particles will stick to the rotating gears now that we’ve magnetized them (demagnetizing). Next, we’re ready to make the gears and splines stronger (shot peening). We then give everything a mirror finish, which reduces friction, reduces heat, and transfers more power to the wheels (ISF).

It’s a fantastic improvement for your standard gearbox. Shot peened gears are 30% stronger than standard. ISF makes them stronger again, and also increases power to the wheels.

B Series: $1,599*
EP3/DC5: $1,774*
Accord K24: $1,774*

*Save $250 off of our list price.

Final Drives and other gears:
stock changes regularly - we can get any Factory Honda ratio at great prices. Contact us for details.

B series: add $239 for brand new genuine Honda 0.714 ratio 5th gear set - nice for highway cruising!

07-05-2014, 08:51 AM

Differently need a B16a2 box Rebuild

PM so we can work something out :)


07-05-2014, 09:29 AM
Differently need a B16a2 box Rebuild

PM so we can work something out


Thanks, PM'd.

23-06-2014, 03:42 AM
Do you have a shop in Sydney? Considering a rebuild for my '96 Integra GSI with a b18B2 engine as 3rd gear crunches.

23-06-2014, 10:00 AM
Do you have a shop in Sydney? Considering a rebuild for my '96 Integra GSI with a b18B2 engine as 3rd gear crunches.

Hey mate,
No we're in Adelaide. Freight is under $100 return though if you're keen to use our services.
Let me know if we can be of any help.

23-08-2015, 07:18 PM
I have an EF8 y1 gearbox I'd like to have rebuilt.
Is it possible to fit a shorter final drive to the y1 gearbox? It would be good to go with a much shorter final drive but then put in the taller fifth gear.
If you could pm me that would be great. Kind regards