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In an effort to improve page load speeds I've also been keeping an eye on bandwidth.

When we moved to a dedicated server in October last year (2009), monthly bandwidth was around 135GB. Actually it was less than that based on the reports by our previous host (more around the 110GB mark). So for the new server I figured 200GB a month would be enough room to grow. Well, it's not even 12 months on and we've clocked up 177GB consistently for the last two months. That's an increase of around 35% in around 7 months!

I implemented some cache control awhile back (actually after moving to vB4) however for some reason those changes go reverted. I've reinstated those changes now so static items should be getting cached for longer. This should see a bit of a reduction in bandwidth and also improved page load speeds for return visitors.

There's still a few things I want to look at in terms of serving static content though so will make those changes bit by bit.

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