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Braided Brake Lines.. ADR?

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    Braided Brake Lines.. ADR?

    I've been doing some research on braided brake lines. It's been confusing to say the least.

    From what I've heard before the braided lines needs to meet an ADR 7, which means it needs to have a ADR approved sheaths, something to do with a "Whip test" of some sort.

    But that apparently had been superseded by a ADR 42 subsection 15
    Flexible hydraulic brake hoses, air or vacuum brake tubing and air and
    vacuum hose, flexible and hydraulic power hose between the Brake
    Power Unit 31/00 or Brake Power Unit 35/00 and the master cylinder
    or its equivalent must conform to SAA, SAE, BS, JIS, DIN, ISO or ECE
    Standards specified for flexible brake hoses, air brake tubing or hose or
    vacuum brake tubing or hose or hydraulic power tubing or hose and be
    fitted to the vehicle as to prevent chafing, kinking or other mechanical
    damage under normal motion of the parts to which they are attached.
    Hmm.. says nothing about an ADR approved sheath... or a whip test... and it seems any reputable manufacturer from anywhere in the world is ok.....
    Can i get some clarification on this?

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    ADR or no ADR the guys at the pits will still rape you for it

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    If the brake hoses/lines are fitted by a approved brake specialist/mechanic i dont see why you would have any issue.
    As long as you do not experience a worse braking then OEM i dont see a really issue.

    Not sure what its like in QLD
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    i think many brands will try to fool you using the word comply.
    comply with adr. i dont think it means that it is adr approved?
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    the old rule meant it needed a sheath to stop the metal fitting from biting into the line. like this.

    But the new rule basically means that if it comes from a decent manufacturer, and complies with other standards around the world, like DOT compliance, TUV approved etc, its a given that it will pass an ADR.
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