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    Quote Originally Posted by Philip Lee View Post
    how the aftermarket units usually work is to have a wire for handbrake so the DVD will only work when the handbrake is engaged.

    to bypass that most people will just ground that wire so it will fool the unit to think that the handbrake is always on. some people run a switch in between to control "when" the handbrake is on/off.

    yours being a factory OEM unit might be different as Honda might use a more complicated method BUT since it's not a fully integrated unit, there might just be a chance it's similar to an aftermarket unit. i guess if you are not familiar with this, best is to visit an audio shop. ask them to have a look if it's just a wire and get them to solder a switch in.
    Any recommendation which audio shop? Can AutoBarn do it?

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    I suspect that the HU is also connected in some way to a speed sensing switch. My MY11 Ody Lux plays DVD's just fine with the hand (foot) brake off, however the video image gray's out once I'm going over 5 kph and then resumes once I drop below 5 kph. I believe this will complicate things some what. I'm hoping there is some magical key press combination to bypass this.

    Cheers Mario

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    If it's related to speed then the easiest option is to replace the damn thing......

    good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fandibong View Post
    It's the former, ie the screen does not show movie - but can still hear the sound and control it. So do you think I can just purchase another monitor? Where should I install it? in the rooftop?
    That's the way i would go. Got a 10.4" DVD screen mounted on the roof. That front HU would be too small and only 1 person in the 2nd would be able to view it comfortablly. With a roof mount everyone from the 2nd row can enjoy. Also if you get a 2nd monitor, the audio shop would have to remove the HU anyway, they might be more inclined to charge cheaper to install the bypass switch.

    And even if they can't put in the switch for some reason, your passengers in the rear can still enjoy the DVD.

    Forgot to add that this will only work if your HU has got audio and video output and it doesn't chop off the video feed when the car moves.
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