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    MFactory Close Ratio Gears - Street Series

    Used by a number of successful race and rally teams in Australia


    Pictured - K20 Close Ratio Gears

    Now Available for Immediate delivery - Experience the MFactory Advantage

    Please note: MFactory is a manufacturer and supplier of gear components for other brands. However, we constantly update our gear designs with our inhouse engineering team which other are not privy to. For the Latest and the Best, don't settle for anything less than Original MFactory Racing Components.

    MFactory is also the official transmission supplier for all Honda of America's production-based race cars.

    MFactory vs .....


    Achieve the ultimate in acceleration with the MFactory Close Ratio Gears. Diamond Cut to exacting tolerances from fully Carburized Forged Nickel-Chromoly Steel and put through our own proprietary heat treatment process, you will not find a stronger, more reliable product on the market. Our special treatment process makes our gears several times stronger & tougher than OEM Gears and are specifically designed to endure the demanding requirements of high-power track/drag cars.

    After installing our gears, you will experience a phenomenal increase in acceleration despite a lower top speed.

    We could talk about the benefits of gearing till we're blue in the face, so to keep this simple for the non-technical customers out there, or for those who just want to know the numbers, here are some examples of just how much power you can gain.

    Vehicle: USDM Integra Type-R

    ETE: Engine Torque Equivalent (How much torque an engine with a stock transmission will need in order to accelerate at the same rate)
    ATG: Actual Torque to the Ground (This is what your car really puts to the ground. Dyno Graphs show torque with a 1:1 gear ratio)
    %: The percentage of Torque Increase between the Stock Transmission and the Custom Transmission

    • Made from imported Japanese Steel
    • Forged and Cryo-Tempered for unsurpassed toughness
    • Advanced Shot Peening technology increases surface hardness
    • Advanced gear geometry designed using industry-leading software puts more power to the ground

    You get to choose the gears that match your requirements

    Honda B-Series Set Includes:
    3rd - 1.625 or 1.695
    4th - 1.296 or 1.384 (Slight modification required to transmission casing when installing 1.384. View here for details)
    5th - 1.000, 1.130 or 1.210 (Slight modification required to transmission casing when installing 1.130 and 1.210. View here for details)

    Honda D-Series Set Includes:
    1st - 3.083 (Fits Cable & Hydro)
    2nd - Re-use OEM 2nd gear
    3rd - 1.565
    4th - 1.250 (Re-use OEM 3rd Gear)
    5th - 1.000

    Honda FIT/Jazz Set Includes:
    3rd - 1.285
    4th - 1.030
    5th - 0.886

    You get to choose the gears that match your requirements


    • Honda B-Series 1.625 3rd Gear
    • Honda B-Series 1.695 3rd Gear
    • Honda B-Series 1.296 4th Gear
    • Honda B-Series 1.384 4th Gear
    • Honda B-Series 1.000 5th Gear
    • Honda B-Series 1.130 5th Gear
    • Honda B-Series 1.210 5th Gear
    • Honda B-Series Choice of 3rd & 4th Gears
    • Honda B-Series Choice of 3rd, 4th & 5th Gears
    • Honda D-Series 3.083 1st Gear (Cable/Hydro)
    • Honda D-Series 1.565 3rd Gear
    • Honda D-Series 1.000 5th Gear
    • Honda D-Series 3rd & 5th Gears
    • Honda FIT 3rd, 4th & 5th Gears

    PM or Email for current pricing

    Beware of MFactory copies in the market
    Buy only original MFactory products from an Authorised Dealer or risk getting inferior quality products.
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    MFactory Competition Products

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    MFactory Competition Products

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