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    [CL9] Door lock Actuator problems! Is it better to buy OEM actuator or other?

    I think I have a door lock actuator problem and so I need to replace it. Obviously you will get ripped off if buying an OEM actuator from Honda (200 bucks! WTF?). Ebay have them OEM ones for half that price and non OEM ones for even less.

    So I was wondering... if the actuator problem is a common one, then wouldn't it be better to replace it with a NON OEM one, since its the OEM ones already installed that are notorious for failing?

    I don't want to have to deal with the same problem later down the track.

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    They'll fail eventually, oem isn't made by Honda anyway.

    It's a coin toss.
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    i had mine done a few years back, bought it on ebay in the states then went to my local garage & got it replaced. I reckon ebay is perfectly fine. To my recollection, my garage only charged me for labour approx $70 or $80 to do both front doors.

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    I also had mine done couple of years ago. Bought them on ebay from hongkong seller. Have no problem so far.

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    I had driver's door acutator replaced two years ago but I got it from Acura of Peoria. $25 (delivered) for new OEM Honda part; a lot less than the $192 that Honda OZ wanted.

    Similarly, starter motor $1,200 from Honda OZ but $292 (delivered) for new OEM Honda part from USA.
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    I installed a cheap one from eBay, cost about $30 and took around 45 minutes to install, not hard, just a little fiddly. Better than paying a dealer $300! It's been in for 2 months so far.

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    Get aftermarket, it's just a simple DC motor in it that is used in Tamiya model cars and i reckon aftermarket ones are more reliable.

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    Go for after market dirt cheap one :P, I've replaced mine and you can do it by yourself easily with some guidance. And there're plenty of guide in the forum as well as on the interweb.

    If you need a passenger side front door PM me, I've got a spare one you can have for cheap.

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