Hi all,

I've just installed an ebay double din headunit in my rb3.

I wanted to retain my steering wheel controls so I bought one advertised as having that programmable function.

Well as you can expect I wouldnt work like it was supposed to do so I thought I'd better share how I did it as I couldn't find this info anywhere.

The connections were as described in the installation manual but what I found was after trying to program each individual function I would end up with only that one 1st program button would program and it acted like it was constantly depressed.

I figured it mustn't be accepting/seeing the SWC idle voltage only a signal it was seeing as SWC button depressed.
(Hope this is making sense)!
So this is how I programmed each individual button successfully.....

1. With steering ground disconnected at the back of the head unit press and hold the desired button on the steering wheel (don't release until step 3 is completed)
2. On the head unit Press the required button to activate the programming mode for that function.
3. While you still are holding the steering wheel button and selected program mode on the head unit connect the steering wheel ground wire.
This button is now programmed.
4. To program another button disconnect steering wheel ground and start at step 1 otherwise leave it connected when all required buttons are programmed.

I hope this helps someone avoid the many hours I spent frustrated!!