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    Honda S2000 Oxygen Sensor - P2A00 HO2S (A/F SENSOR) B1 S1 PERFORMANCE

    Hi Guys,

    Random question, if an AP2 S2000 is throwing this code: P2A00 HO2S (A/F SENSOR) B1 S1 PERFORMANCE

    My understanding is that it is the O2 sensor just behind the CAT.

    Does anyone know how much they should generally cost?

    I found this and it got me wondering if it is the same thing:


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    big range on O2 sensors, if you are capable of wiring then u can generally buy a universal that runs the correct setup for about 100 or if you want a direct replacement you could be looking at hundreds.

    That listing says pre-cat, perhaps talking to the seller or looking on the manufacturers website would be adventitious
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    Mate my bbk cost more than your Honda.

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