Hi all.

I recently purchased an MY18 Mitsubishi outlander as our family car and it's just spectacular, coming from early 2000's cars. I still drive a little '04 Civic sedan to work and back though. Bog stock, 240,000k's on the clock and it's never let me down and drives seriously like it did 14 years ago!

After driving the Mitsy around, can't live without Android Auto now, so had to upgrade the head unit. Below is a shot of the new Pioneer AVH-Z5050BT I put in... fits like a glove! Also extended the USB socket and located it in the console, neat the handbreak, so I can just slot my phone in there.

Then just today, received an aftermarket universal steering wheel remote from China for the princely sum of $8... just thought I'd share some shots, I know it's nothing special, but nice to do a few small upgrades to an older car to give it some features even a car two years ago didn't have :-)

Also, bonus shots of the $4 "leather" stitched DIY steering wheel cover I put on a few weeks before. Much nicer than the cracking rubber on the factory wheel! And a cheap, easy upgrade!!

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