Hi All,

I have done some search on Ozhonda and found of 1x thread with almost identical problem that I'm experiencing with electrical and there was no outcome result on the last post...

I currently own a 2007 Accord Euro CL9 Luxury in manual with approx 157,000 km. Owned it for the last 7 years and has treated me well and no issues what so ever. Only modification is coilovers and that is all...

1st Problem
Yesterday I was driving home on the freeway (M5) at 80-90km, I notice the car completely loss power with the speed and rev needle dropping to zero, radio and all instrument lights blacked out. The engine was still running but the accelerator didn't respond and pretty much the car was coasting for about 2-3 seconds to which all the power returned and car was operating normally again. This happen probably 4 times until I exited the ramp and when I came to a stop the car and died.

At this point, the hazard light didn't work or any power what so ever. I had some help with pushing the vehicle to the side and within a few minutes the car power return which started and about 7km till home with no problems. Car turns off and starts as normal and idle's fine.

Assuming if it is a Alternator problem, the car wouldn't lose complete power whilst still running and that I would of had trouble starting the car again after turning it off. Anyone else experience this issue and resolve it?

Battery is only 2 years old and majority of the driving is free way.

2nd Problem
I've had this issue for over a year, I get a "whoop" noise at stand still when taking off on gear 1 or on rare occasion reverse. It's usually at a biting/friction point and once i released the clutch out completely there are no noise. Gear changes are normal, no crunch or winds and operates as it did when I owned the car 7 years ago. In saying all that, I tried riding the clutch around the biting/friction point where the car is only moving very slowly with the "whoop" noise that is louder and it is very noticeable. Including from outside.

Hard to explain the noise, to me its is a "whoop" almost feel like something trying to spin and its dry and sounds nasty.

Any help for the above is greatly appreciated, looking for a solution within the month as I will be driving the car from Sydney to Adelaide.