Paint Protection Film (PPF, Clear Bra) is a thin clear urethane film which can be applied to the entire vehicle, but more commonly used in high impact areas to stop the risk of
stone-chips, road debris, bug splatter and other road nasties from damaging your vehicles paintwork. Furthermore XPEL is a Self-Healing Film which literally means it heals back to its clear self
if any marring would occur - yes, really! The film is pre-cut to your vehicles requirements which means no risk of cutting or blades on your vehicle such as other brands on the market, but this also means
precise fitment and the ability to extend and customise patterns means we can also wrap edges where applicable for a completely seamless invisible fitment.

Driving any distance can take a toll on your carís exterior. Road grime, tar, bug splatter, bird droppings and even air pollution can contaminate the clear coat, causing etching, oxidation, or worse. Thanks to XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film, your vehicle can stay safe from outside elements. The film is extremely stain & discoloration resistant, leaving you free to enjoy the drive without worrying about a wipe down at your next stop.

✅ Pre-Cut carries 100% less liability when it comes to Cut/Knife marks in a new paint job - competitor brands require 'on car cutting'
✅ All installers are Factory Trained & Certified, however with XPEL DAP patterns are made to work within the limits of the film to allow precise fitment which yields long-term adhesion and a seamless finish almost every time.
✅ A good pre-cut pattern database like the DAP offers the ability to manipulate patterns to wrap any available edges without needing a knife and create patterns for custom requirements.
✅ 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty
✅ Self Healing Capabilities - don't believe us? Have a look at hundreds of videos online showing how effective this film is in healing itself, better yet contact us for a sample today from your local applicator.
✅ Over 80,000 Vehicle Patterns in the worlds largest exclusive XPEL database

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