I've had a look through the manual and had an online search, but I cannot find any way to disable the GPS prompting for a "button" press every time I start the car. I am referring to selecting "OK" on the touch screen.

My last two cars simply had the "safety" splash screen display for a fixed time, then the unit would revert to business as usual.

It is only a simple irritation, but I find it annoying

Has anyone upgraded their maps? I've got a 2012 Luxury running 10.2012 maps.
Curious to know what anyone else has paid for the latest maps before checking with my local dealership.

Ready to go back to using my portable Garmin with lifetime maps if the Honda update is as expensive as I imagine it will be...

Otherwise I am actually pretty satisfied with the factory GPS. Address entry (town/street name prediction) is slower than my Garmin but it does work well.