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    [CL9] engine cut out

    Hey guys, don't know how active people are here anymore but I figured I'd give it a try.
    Yesterday my engine cut out, like just stopped as if a kill switch was flipped. No coughing and spluttering just running one second then dead the next. All the electrics were still working but now I can't get it started again, it cranks but won't kick over.
    I charged the battery and sprayed some starter fluid in the throttle which got it running for a couple seconds before dying, so that tells me fuel.
    I checked the fuel pump fuse then pulled all the relays to make sure they were all clicking but found no issue.
    My next thought is the pump itself but there have been no previous signs of it dying like coughing, lack of power etc.
    I should also mention the engine light hasn't come on so I assume no faults were detected.
    Any ideas?

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    Blocked fuel filter? Water in the tank / fuel system?
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