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    Help/ EOI 1993 CB7 Honda Accord

    Howdy people,

    Recently my car (1993 Honda accord) which I've been driving since my learners (7yrs) was in a bit of an accident which resulted in some damage to the front bumper/bonnet/left-side light and water leaking from the radiator. I've been thinking about getting a new car for a while and this event has been a bit of catalyst for action. That being said besides the damage to the front of the car, the car is in otherwise great condition, especially the interior. I came to these forums to see if anyone would be interested in the car as I would like to get it off the street as soon as I can. Given the damage id be curious to know how you guys would price the car overall, obviously I'm not looking for a lot of money I'd be more keen to get it off my hands and off to someone who could get some value from the car, which is why I've come to these forums first!

    PHOTOS (album):
    Note: apologise for photos both landscape and portrait...

    Some details:
    - 5 Speed manual,
    - 200,000 kms
    - Electric windows which all work.
    - New battery within last 2.5 months
    - New tires quite recently

    Photos (inline):

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