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  1. jdm_b16a joins the moderator team

    Just a quick welcome to Peter (jdm_b16a) who has just joined the moderator team. Peter will be starting off in the Civic and Motorsport sections and then look at taking further responsibilities as time dictates.

    Thanks Pete for putting you hand up to help out!
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  2. Site Bandwidth

    In an effort to improve page load speeds I've also been keeping an eye on bandwidth.

    When we moved to a dedicated server in October last year (2009), monthly bandwidth was around 135GB. Actually it was less than that based on the reports by our previous host (more around the 110GB mark). So for the new server I figured 200GB a month would be enough room to grow. Well, it's not even 12 months on and we've clocked up 177GB consistently for the last two months. That's an increase of ...
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  3. Articles

    I've been playing around on a test site trying to get the new vBulletin CMS and articles system working. One thing that the articles feature has is that it is a bit more versatile in terms of features and makes the content more appealing as an article should.

    I see a few places for the articles as follows (in no particular order)

    • Feature Rides
    • DIY articles
    • Reviews
    • General Articles

    One handy feature is also the fact that you can work on an article without ...
    Tags: article, civic, cms, diy, review
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  4. m3ntAL_l2 joins the moderator team

    Just a quick welcome to member m3ntAL_l2 who has recently joined us a moderator. Chi will start off helping out in the Marketplace and then move on from there.

    We're actually still looking for more moderators so if you're on frequently and would like to give something back to Ozhonda, shoot me a PM.

    On another note, if you would like to get notified of my blog posts, you can subscribe to them here.

    Updated 31-05-2010 at 09:20 PM by wynode

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  5. The Wiki Debate

    Just in case you haven't seen it there is a discussion asking for input regarding a possible Ozhonda Wiki in this thread. Actually it was Lloyd that brought iup the idea of a Wiki back in September 2008. However due to a variety of reasons it wasn't brought up again until now.

    More to the point, I'm looking at a few different options based on the features of the Wiki itself as well as how it will integrate with the rest of the site. For the first point I would say without any hesitation ...

    Updated 27-05-2010 at 01:27 PM by wynode (Typos)

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