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    I ended up winning the same unit as sunnyl. Sunnyl I would love to know how everything is going with your deck. I have done a few modifications to my CRV and this being the second to to last modification I am doing.
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    Its still going strong - nothing new other than the things I've already pointed out. Still haven't gotten around to doing the reverse camera and aux line though. I also have a set of auto fold+heated mirrors to wire up!

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    Sunnly is the sound reproduction better that the stock sound unit? My CRV is the Luxury version and to be honest its pretty decent. Just wondering if its better sound than the stocky.

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    No noticeable difference really, but I'm not audiophile. Though when the iphone/pod is turned up I do get a bit of noise coming out of the speakers - but that could be the ipod itself or the iphone cable being not shielded.

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    I received my head unit today. Just wondering was your box a generic looking box with no pictures as such thats just says "multi car navigation systems coal"?? I had a brief look at the instructions and I got to tell you the english is pretty lame arse. I guess thats what you have to expect from chinese manufacturers. Now I have booked my CRV on thursday to go to the Auto Electricians to install everything. However one thing concerns me. The Reverse Camera- Just wondering where are you thinking of installing your camera?? I had a brief look at the camera instructions and it says to put it in the keyhole.
    Err Our cars don't have a keyhole as such in the rear boot lid. Due to the cylindrical nature of the camera I was thinking of putting it in between the Honda Symbol plastic facia (drilling a hole in the centre?). Their is no bracket as such that comes with it to mount anywhere else. What are your thoughts on this???
    Secondly the auxiliary input in the CRV's middle console- Just wondering if you are sure you can wire up the auxiliary console input to work with the unit? If so how do you intend on doing this- just so I could ask the auto sparky to look at doing it.
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    Yep it was just a generic box. Its not exactly a consumer item so I wasn't expecting any fancy packaging. Is your camera barrel shaped with screw threads on the end? I plan to put it into the centre of the rear bumper - I've seen two other CRVs that have the camera installed in the same place (almost directly underneath the trunk lid button). I think thats a good spot for it if the camera has a wide angle. The rear bumper comes off pretty easily and is hollow underneath so theres space for work and wiring. Putting the camera where the H is won't let you see the furthest part of the car (the bumper) unless you point the camera downwards.


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    Yeah mines a barrel shape with thread on the end. I think your right. I will also put it in the bumper.

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    Sunnyl- Just want to know if you have tried driving around with the TV operational? Would like to know if it still works whilst moving. I know you said you can only see SBS. Just want to know if it has the same limitations as playing a DVD and driving.- Although illegal, have you tried playing back a DVD whilst moving? or is yours wired up so that its non functional on the move?. In the manual I have read that it supposedly comes up with a warning if you haven't connected it up properly. For others info - I have no intention of doing anything illegal, but wouldn't mind knowing if it is possible.

    Also another thing the unit comes with a dedicated ipod input at the rear. Where exactly do you have the wire coming out from??- In other words where is the connection located for you to connect up the ipod??
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    Ok I thought I would update this. Everything was working great until I put in a brand new Cd. The Cd will no longer eject the disc and remains stuck inside. Every time I press the eject button it will try to eject but go back into resume and play the cd. I have contacted the seller who I am now in a dispute with. As he is not willing to send out a replacement unit until he receives the faulty unit. My argument is that I will need to pay for uninstallation as well as installing it twice over. This has been an extra costly exercise all over this cheap chinese system. When it was working it was great- but unfortunately has costed an arm and a leg. I will not recommend him nor this unit although everything seems fine with sunnyl's unit. Its just to much of a risk to gamble with.

    It has come to my attention that out of all these Chinese head-Units- the best one to buy is the Caska unit. It is distributed here in Australia through It is an expensive proposition with the unit selling at $1200.00 plus $295.00 for the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. Give or take 3 hrs for installation and we are looking just below 2 grand. Having bought the ebay unit- I should have known it was too good to be true. Anyway having said that it looks like it maybe time to bare my losses.
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    Today I am having the Polaris - Caska unit installed today. As soon as I have the faulty head unit I bought from ebay out, its going back for a refund. The seller has been extremely unreasonable and I just now want to have a refund. For that matter I will then have full 12 months warranty from Polaris, a reputable Australian Company who have tried and tested all these Chinese units and decided that the Caska headunit is the best for the Australian market. Apparently the Caska unit is the OEM supplier for Honda's overseas market. Our CRV's especially the Luxury model (Honda Australia), have been dumbed idown to exclude key features that would have been included in overseas CRV's. Example is rain sensing window wipers, speed activator door locks, Auto headlight washers etc etc. I will update this thread and give you all a comparison over the faulty unit. Wish me luck !!

    Below - I believe this to be the Caska head unit.
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    Honda has released a special DVD player for new Excelle, which would be quite exciting information for car lovers as well as the car market. Honda DVD players support TV, AM and FM playback so that you can watch TV and listen to the radios as well.

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