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    Question s2000 doors automatically lock after unlocking. Help!?

    Hey guys.

    My s2000 was getting a new clutch and the battery was disconnected for 2 months (due to a slow mechanic).

    Today after everything was reconnected i found a problem with the door. As soon as i press unlock on the alarm remote it locks again after 1 or 2 seconds.

    No matter what you do (start the car, drive the car, or even use the key to manually unlock the drivers door) it will always lock again.

    Has anyone had the same problem and how did they fix it?


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    aftermarket alarm? if so you should post in the other electronic/alarms/security section, you might get more help from there?

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    i have a feeling one of the screws came off your central locking pumps. Take of the interior door cover thingy and check for the connection where the pump is connected to the unlock/lock lever, there should be 2 screws holding it in, if not, then theres ur problem.

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    worked out the problem.

    Honda told me its electrical but i had a feeling it was somthing easier then that.

    It turned out that the drivers door would unlock internally (inside the door), but the actual lock inside the car was not switching over. So as soon as it internally unlocked, it picks up that the drivers door is locked (due to the switch) so central locking would re lock the car.

    I opened the door and found an after market central door locking system had been connected WITH the original (strange i know). The after market pump had seased up due to the car sitting stationary for 2 months. This was stopping the lock from opening. I disconnected it and tried to lock and unlock the car just with the original central locking system and it worked fine!

    all fixed!

    cheers guys!

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