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    After speaking to the supplier I have re-done the install of the actuator and had no problems since. Actuators are cheap and relatively easy to install, allow just over an hour and YouTube is pretty good for instructions. Use a pair of vise grips on your screw driver to undo the large Phillips head screws on the door look itself, they're tight!

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    I've Just checked the Accura of Peoria ebay store, and they don't post to Australia, any other suggestions

    Quote Originally Posted by SPQR View Post
    Try Acura of Peoria ebay site. If they don't have the parts listed, contact them via ebay and they'll send you a quote. I've found their service to be very good. I last saw the actuators on their site earlier today for under US$20 plus freight.

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    Give this bloke a try, I received great service from him, no guarantees though!

    Otherwise google victorypartsdirect (all one word)

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    Thanks heaps, just tried em, all good ta. Il let y'all know how the fix goes.

    Quote Originally Posted by MadEngineerMark View Post
    Give this bloke a try, I received great service from him, no guarantees though!

    Otherwise google victorypartsdirect (all one word)

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    Just replaced both of mine with non standard parts, took me a good few hours per side but if your any good maybe one hour a side and cost a grand total of $50 bucks!

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    My driver side door does not lock and unlock very well now. It probably locks/unlocks 10% of the time now. I just have to put the key in now and turn it old school..
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    definitely actuator! happy to help anyone around newcastle sydney area now ive done a fewwwwww

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    anyone has recommendation where to replace acutator in Melbourne? cheap and reliable? thank you

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    not honda! i would reccomend buying them off ebay and taking it to your local mechanic...

    if they order in they will be oem and dear. mine were $20 each and even paying a mechanic to do them they would have both done in an hour or two maybe cost $150? rather than $300+ at honda. plus now mine come up like theyre going to fly through the window.

    Jdm vtec actuators

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    Hi All I have a 2009 Accord Euro which i bought Feb 2010. about 6 mths ago ( after 3.5 years and outside warranty) the drivers door locking started to play up and from a month or so ago will only open with the key. This is obviously painful with no key entry on passengers side and for the supposed quality and price this would seem to be a fundamentally important component for security and other reasons that shoudl not fail this early. It also seems to be a very common issue and therefore would seem to fall within an legally implicit warranty given car price, fundamental importance and the known nature of the problem, irrespective of what their stated warranty is. I have extended warranty at low level and actuators are only covered in the higher level cover. The quote for the door $495 and no suggestion of any assistance despite my stating the commonness of teh issue etc ...... just rediculous and seriously means unless something is done by Honda, I will not be getting a Honda when my lease comes up in the next few months.

    Has as anyone had any luck with fair trading or their equivalents or Honda themselves and is so can you let me know where at Honda you directed your complaint?

    I really appreciate your help

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    FYI - I purchased a Euro door lock actuator off Ebay for my 2004 Accord, same part number on arrival. I never used it though, I repaired the original unit on both driver and passenger doors for $0.00, did this while waiting for purchased unit to arrive - very quick and easy.

    Here is a link to my info. Repair DoorLocks Actuators

    BTW Dealer wanted $220 for each unit, most likely a $700 to $800 job for two units fitted by the dealer.
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    This is an old thread but like me others must still be replacing their actuators so thought I would add my experience.

    I have a 2005 Euro Lux with 100K kms. The passenger door lock actuator had completely failed and the drivers was intermittent. I asked Honda for a quote for the passenger door. The part was quoted at $255.35 and the full job was $381. I got the part from ebay for $19. There were some there at $12 but went for a 'Premium Reseller' and splashed out for the $19 one. I did the passenger door first. It took just on an hour. The drivers door took 40 mins even though there is extra work involved in detaching the rod to the key lock. Once you get used to the process it becomes relatively straight forward and can now get the panel off in under 5 mins..The tip with the vice grips worked a treat and made easy work of unscrewing the door lock screws. The hardest part is re-inserting the window channel guide. I made one error which meant taking the panels off again which is why I got good at it. When re-attaching the cable to the internal door handle there is an extra step I missed. The cable runs inside a casing.This casing has a grooved rubber part near the door opener end that has to be pushed into a holding slot. If you miss out doing this as I did, when you pull on the handle the whole cable casing and all moves and does not open the door lock. I may be the only who has made this error but thought I would document in case there are other klutzes like me out there. So the financial summary: Honda quote to do the two doors - $762. My cost Labour free( I am retired), parts $38. Savings $724. My goodwill with the Honda dealer here in the Gold Coast is completely gone.
    Great forum. Savings made entirely because of this group. Many thanks to all who contributed to my education.
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