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    Hi AusAccord,

    I have the same double din console as Xanctus, recently there is an issue with my speaker and I need to take out the head unit to check the wire. Unfortunately the pic you posted here had been removed by tinypic. Can you re-post the same pic to help me identify the locations to pry out the front fascia? Appreciate your help.


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    ok finally the cloud cleared. you have a double din console already (lucky you) with a single din stereo. and now you want to install a flip single din unit at the bottom like my previous setup, correct? easily done with little modification.

    the front fascia like a soccer goalie frame highlighted in red is in one piece and just clipped onto the face. if you inspect carefully and you should able to slot something on both sides pointed in yellow then pry it out. really careful on the top bit as its quite thin which may break. once the front fascia out and pretty much you can see then figure out the rest. 2 bolts on each side unscrew the stereo with bottom pocket out. you do not need to take the top cover off as not giving you more access.

    let us know if you do not understand what i mentioned above. Happy modding!!

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    Hi kc, sorry i have read thru this 2 times and can't really locate that pic in my record. unfortunately my double din console is removed from mine so can't take more pic......

    in short, surrounding the headunit on your double din console is a frame like a "soccer goaly". when u look from the side and u will notice a line which is the front fascia in contact with the console. stick something thin and soft onto then u should able to separate them. start off from side then last top bit is gentling pulling whole frame towards yourself. u can take some pics and post here then may be easier to explain. have fun and happy modding!!

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    Similar to the RB3 model dash with NAV.

    Look in the "In Car Entertainment forum - there's a step-by-step how to get the dash /console apart for RB3, which is only a bit different at the bottom
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    Faulty Radio Tuner in an Australian Odyssey 2005 (RB1) & Reversing Camera problem

    Hi All,

    I have a faulty Radio Tuner in a 2005 Australian Odyssey Luxury (RB1). A lot of pictures on this forum no longer exist, so I am asking now in 2020 what part of the dash console is the tuner behind and how to remove the radio so I can get it repaired.
    The Dash layout is unique to Australia only and my Honda Dealer has a missing body manual so cant help me.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My second problem is with same car I can't get a wire down the rear drivers side pillar from the tailgate to the reversing light to activate a reversing camera I have fitted. Permanent power to the camera is not suitable as the bright white LED's on the camera are on all the time then annoying other drivers.

    Is there already a wire in the tail gate for activating a reversing camera and if not, how can I get one down the rear pillar that seems to be blocked.

    Cheers Mike

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    Hi Mike,

    I don’t have the diagram how to remove the radio but I removed mine last time when I changed it to double din console. You need to remove the whole facia and I think the first step is you need to remove the temperature dial knob then remove the facia. For reverse camera I use the cable of the reverse light as the power for my camera and run the wire through the roof on the side. I hope this might help.
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    Thanks Atjo,
    I went to a Honda Wreckers today and they had the Tuner Hanging out of a 2008 Odyssey Luxury (Same dash as my 2005 Odyssey. The CD Drive is part of the tuner/amp unit, so now I know where the tuner is located in the dash. Just need to remove Glovebox, then the Lowest dash panel from right of glove box to drivers door with a pile of connections, then 4 x 8mm screws holding the radio brackets.
    Just a pain getting that bottom panel off. No need to remove the upper section or knobs as it won't give access to the main unit in the Australian model.

    Re:- Reversing camera, Yes I also want to get power for camera from the reversing light, however the cable needs to go from the top of the tail gate via the flexible cable condute wth large grommet into the roof (That part OK), my problem is getting the wire from the roof level down to the reversing light. I took out the side wall air vent in the boot area which gave me access behind the reversing light (Where its connector is) and tried to poke a stiffish cable from the opening in the roof that the tail gate uses for its wiring, however it never appears where I removed the side panel vent giving the impression there is another chassis barrier about lower side/rear window level. Wreckers suggested I try a coat hanger to locate the lower hole the cable passes thru... yet to try.

    How did you get your cable down that pillar from the roof or did you have the cable going a different path across the roof etc. More detail please.

    Cheers Mike
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