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    What conversion harness do I need?

    Hey all,
    So I'm getting an s300 chipped p28/p72 soon, and I need to figure out what conversion harness I need. I have a 00 EK which I know is OBD2B, and my current ecu is a JDM P73 which I know to be OBD2A. So I went to check out my loom to see if it had an existing 2B-2A harness on it, which it seems it *doesn't*. I was told due to internal dash wiring it was very difficult to convert an EK to OBD2A for use with the P73. But apparently my car doesn't have a conversion harness in it, because the ECU is plugged straight into the wiring loom which I'm assuming is OBD2A. Here are some pictures if somebody could help me clarify...

    1st one: ECU - as you can see it's just plugged straight in, no conversion harness.

    2nd one: some spliced wires, everything attached to the green plug goes up into the dash I think.

    3rd one: up near the firewall, underside of the dash, some brown plug that isn't attached to anything (what's this for??) sorry for the bad quality.

    So I'm assuming, maybe incorrectly though, that all this splicing means my car is running an OBD2A harness, and I need a 2A-OBD1 instead of a 2B?
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    Yeah that sounds right to me.. you definitely have an obd2a ecu, so you'll need OBD2A - OBD1 harness converter.

    Can anybody else confirm?

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    You need a OBD2a > OBD1.

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