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Worth Repairing or write-off EG civic

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    Worth Repairing or write-off EG civic

    Noob here.

    Got into an accident today,the car in front of me got cut off by another car and slammed the breaks which i hit my breaks aswell and i ended up smashing into the back of his car,

    The cars engine is a stock d series.only aftermarket parts are exhaust system and hid lights.

    anyways would anyone recommend repairing it or just write it off,I'm guessing repair costs won't be cheap probably cost more than i bought the car for lols,the radiator & the fan have been damaged & pushed back the chasis is damaged + bonnet + headlights

    dunno whether to repair it or sell it + rego ends this friday 30th dec lols

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    It can only be "written off" by insurance companies if it is insured

    You can't write off the car yourself as selling as damaged.

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    Was going to say the same thing...

    Is the car fully insured?

    I wouldn't bother repairing it, you could probably buy another carby civic for less than the cost of repairing that.

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    nah its not fully insured,

    yeah i don't want the hassle to repair it then rego it straight after since its due in 2 days,

    but instead of writing off how about cancel the rego and just sell to wreckers ?

    i would sell it on here but i need a pq point lols.

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    You'll get offered peanuts from wreckers. My suggestion would be to leave the rego and let it expire, and then post it up on Gumtree.

    If you get lucky and find a buyer, they can repair and re-register with a pink slip (provided its within 3 months)

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    egk conversion! perfect timing for it!


    If your from syd go to hontoys in smithfield and grab yourself a bargin, from the pics what i can tell just the bumber bonnet and the core is dmgd? thats what 500-600? wit rego 500-600?

    1.2k and you have ur daily back!

    PS does the car still start up fine? can drive it up and down ur street? The chasis shouldnt be that dmged....from what it looks like you wouldve breaked down like 30km/hr before impact?

    Take pic of the space between the raditor and engine and under the car for more help.
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    Not a huge amount of damage, but it's still probably easier and cheaper for you to sell it off and buy a new one.

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    put a dc5 on it

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    depends on how attached you are to the car..how's the rest of the car??

    i say not worth it - eg's are cheap these days.. wreck/sell and buy another one.

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    dc5 front end conversion whoa lols

    yeah im just gonna sell it damaged,buy another one.

    thanks for the advice/opinions everyone.

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