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    CD5 - Another not starting issue (sorry) but PLEASE HELP :)

    93 CD5 F22A

    I have searched and read all posts I can find, and like my CRX, keep reading how prone these are to main relay failure.

    I have full power to all accessories, near new battery and vehicle cranks strongly.

    I have no fuel and no spark.

    Vehcile has a new distributor and as of this afternoon a new main relay. No change.

    When key is turned to "on" position, all usual dash lights illuminate including check engine light. After a couple of seconds, some lights go out as usual but check engine light remains illuminated.

    There is no sound of the fuel pump priming.

    I have disconnected the battery and removed the fuse to reset the computer with no change.

    I have bridged the two points of the dignostic plug behind the glove box and still the check engine light remains illuminated constantly with no CEL codes flashed.

    ECU is my next logical thought, but not a cheap one.

    Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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    well if its not flashing and staying lit then its your ecu im sorry to say,

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    I've been asking advice everywhere and most are coming back to this... I just want to ask as many people as possible before I financially commit.

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    Replaced ECU. Good as gold.


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    I can repair your old ECU btw

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    you might need new ecu bro..jst gt the new 1 or ask some of ur mates that drive cd5 as well..

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