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    Johnpaul's CRX SIR

    <table style="border-collapse: collapse;" border="0" bordercolor="#111111" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td align="justify">Brief Specs:

    Owner: Johnpaul
    Car Model: Honda CRX SiR
    Engine: 1.6L DOHC VTEC First Generation b16a
    Transmission: 5 speed manual Cable
    Chassis: RS-R Springs, Front Strut Bar, Hart Wheels
    Misc: Nardi steering wheel, Stripped Interior

    Meeting up with Johnpaul and his lovely Gen2 'rex in Melbourne's industrialised docklands was a pleasure for myself. Not only was he a great guy and has a great passion for Hondas' but seeing an original JDM SiR CRX was a rarity in itself and well worth the trip. While Ozhonda's toE was busy taking pictures I got to know Johnpaul better and learnt a lot about himself and his ride. Still young, this is Johnpaul's 5th, and hands down favourite car he has owned. With a track-oriented mind, Johnpaul had little to consider when purchasing the CRX.

    Firstly, why did you choose Honda?
    Performance availability, reliability, good build quality and so much fun to throw around corners!

    More specifically, why the CRX?
    I chose the Gen 2 SiR cause it's not so much of a 'common' Honda, it has its own characteristics, and doesn't need much in ways of suspension and chassis mods for my intended purpose......Race!

    "Race!"? You mentioned you enjoy tracking, was that a dominant reason in
    choosing this car?

    Love it, its all I've wanted to do with my previous cars. The car was bought intentionally for track work, but I would still like to keep it reasonably street-able.

    Have you tracked yet? How did that go?
    I've been to Winton just the once so far. Was quite pleased with the way it went, only thing letting me down was rubber then again there's always room for improvement I guess.

    Any recommended to other CRX owners interested in tracking their car?
    Well, first recommendation. Throw away your body kit and get on it. You don't have to mod the sh*t out of the rex as long as you maintain it well just get out and have fun. Concentrate on making it last rather then making it fast.

    How does this CRX compare to some of your previous rides?
    Power - Not the most powerful car I've owned however consistency and reliability in power.....this is the best so far.
    Handling - The SiR came with RS-R springs and a front strut and so far it's been the most fun throwing into tight corners. A lot more fun than thinking I'm going to fall out of window due to body roll.
    Efficiency - Hands down, all my other rides have been carbureted!!
    Comfort - This is first car I've owned with climate control, power steering and a fuel warning light!! So yeah, it's the most comfortable thing I've ever sat in. :P

    If you hadn't purchased the CRX what car would you rather have?
    AW11 MR2 supercharged.

    Any reason in particular?
    Quick, small, nimble and reasonably light. Just like Gen2!

    Future plans for the car?
    In the near future id like to save more weight in the car, add oil cooler, radiator, brakes and a decent seat with a harness... oh and semi slicks! Down the track I'd like to maybe stick some cams, extractors and...Probably save more weight if I can.

    Was there a special love for the gen2 CRX?
    Budget is always a factor. But while looking at another car to buy the gen2 was sitting in the corner screaming at me to buy it, couple weeks later, the initial car was dumped!

    Is this your first experience with a VTEC equipped car? Is that why you chose the SiR?
    A friend's brother had a Gen3 Delsol and that sounded great but I have always appreciated a good Honda and I always knew that Honda engine (especially VTEC engines) were built strong. Just seemed like the perfect option.

    What's your opinion of rice?
    Rice is a way of demeaning the car's genuine aesthetics. But hey everyone needs some!

    Favorite feature of the car
    The coin pocket!

    Finally, VTEC or boost?
    N/A 100%

    - Article by SiR JDM.</td><td valign="top">


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    Quote Originally Posted by z3lda
    ey, was drivin a honda city before...
    felt like the biggest poofter in the world..LOL

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    Cheers to Jimmy and James for doin this for me. Sh!t hot photos!
    great job guys!
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    well done on the ozhonda feature car keep it up! mate
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    Arrow Nice read up

    Crx Gen2 yeahhhh

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    Excellent Excellent!

    CRX Resource in the US does a feature car every month - always a wonderfull read!

    Congrats JonhPaul on such a sweet ride and the BOYZ for such a good write up.. should become a monthly feature with a seperate category on the forums as 'FEATURE CAR'?
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    Nice ride! ol'skool...lemme know if you wanna sell it

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    Nice Ride

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    Awesome work there James

    For a change he was chasing me to get this up (as opposed to me chasing others LOL).

    Nice car and nice writeup!
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    Great work James.

    ANd thanx again JP for your patience on that night.

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    no probs toE. some mighty fine camera skills

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    nice car and nice photoshop skills on the first pic too - car spotting, food and other random crap from Japan

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    looks nice and clean, i like i like

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