Are you thinking of rebuilding your gearbox? Looking for extra strength and performance? Whether you get your mechanic to do the rebuild, or decide to take on the challenge yourself, Neat Gearboxes have a powerful, cost-effective solution for you to upgrade the strength of your gears, and to get more power to the ground without the cost of an outright racing transmission.

This video explains a little about our technology – hope you enjoy:

We take your standard gear set and process it to improve its strength, durability and even power output, while reducing heat and noise. Shot peening has been proven again and again to improve fatigue strength of gears by over 30%, while ISF has been proven to further increase durability while also improving power to the ground via both friction and heat reduction. We do all work in house to control the quality of our workmanship. Very few workshops have this specialized equipment in Australia or the rest of the world for that matter.

Here’s what we include in this package:

- Chemical hot tank gears, shafts, sliders, hubs, rails and forks
- Magnetic particle crack test ferrous parts under UV light
- Demagnetise components
- Shot peen gears and splines using SAE J2441 guidelines
- Isotropic Super-Finish (ISF) ferrous components to a mirror finish
- Lightly lubricate for corrosion protection and package for shipping
- FREE return freight anywhere in Australia

B/D/H series 5 speed: $800*
K series 6 speed: $875*
NSX: $800*
S2000: $900
Motorcycles: from $650 (please inquire – yes we cater for bike enthusiasts!)

*Crown wheel processed for free for OzHonda forum members, usually $150 extra

All you need to do is send us your parts for processing. We can of course completely rebuild your gearbox (see our other posts) but this is mainly for those who either have a trusted mechanic already, or are going to take on the rebuild themselves.

We have a range of genuine bearing kits for most Honda models in stock (see our other posts), otherwise we can arrange them to be here within 2 weeks straight from our supplier in Japan at excellent prices. We’ll shortly have a range of synchros and other parts such as final drives and alternative gear combinations in stock – contact us for more information.