Hi guys, purchased a 2004 accord euro luxury that was written off in queensland for water damage, (i know i know lol) ive tried to start the car, the fuel pump wont prime and the car keeps cranking. the green key light on the dash keeps flashing indicating that there's a problem with the immobilser. anyway, ive ripped out the ecu and confirmed that its cactus. its all corroded and damaged. the dealer quoted me $1700 to replace the ecu. Now when i unplugged the ECU, the green key light on the dash disappeared completely. To my understanding, i figured that the immobilizer was in with the ecu?

anyway heres my question(s)

1) is the immobiliser in with the ecu? or are they separate?
2) if i get a second hand ecu from the wreckers with a keyhead that is coded to the ecu and whack it in, will the car start since the ecu codes are linked with the keyhead ?(replacing key blades)

3) if they are separate, is it possible to get the ecu programmed to my current key and immobiliser

reading on this forum for countless hours, im getting the hint that the ecu is in with the immobiliser. Any input will be greatly appreciated as it will guide me to serveral options i can take without having to spend $1000's on this issue. Everything in the car seems to operate as normal just cant get the fuel into the engine.