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    Oh Word! Check out Travis' EP3R

    Travis, you've been on OH for a very long time and during that period, you've helped hundreds of members with making their cars look great via your business. I've even bought some things off you in the past!
    I reckon there were a few tears from the community when you decided to call it a day and closed shop haha. So tell the readers a little about yourself.
    How did you find out about OzHonda?

    I actually got referred to it from Bren la (author edit: I think this is bennjamin? OG OH'ers can confirm) back in the day from Another forum I frequented at the time.

    How many Hondas have you owned since being on OH?
    Currently it’s four: 1991 EG5 Si Hatchback, 2003 Euro 6MT STD, 2007 CRV 6MT STD and 2002 EP3R Civic.

    Seems that you live, breathe, eat and dream Honda. Where did all of it come from? How did you fall in love with Hondas?
    Lol does it? ha! Well I think I used be buts crazy about them, reading as much as I could and doing as much as I could. Now, not so much I think. I just want to do what I do, right. I have other interests and commitments. I have a wife and daughter, houses, full time job, part time study and don’t mind MTB riding, running and fitness in general. Hondas used to be life but now it’s just an outlet for the responsibilities of real life. You can have it all, you just can sit around to fit it all in .

    Why did you choose an EP3R civic?
    When I finally decided to move on from the EG, which I regret badly, I wanted something that I didn’t 'need' to modify for it to be fun. So, I wanted fun, comfortable and something that was a least quick as the EG. Lucky the EG was slow lol. I was considering DC2Rs, DC5Rs, S2Ks, modding my Euro for track, Evo's for a little bit and obviously EP3Rs. I was leaning toward the DC5R until a mate of mine showed me the Best Motoring DVD featuring the EP3R and a Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson review of the EDM EP3R. After seeing those I was sold. So much for not modifying it but anyway, really good base to work with.

    What current mods do you have on the civic?
    Current mods? Not much lol. I'll list them none the less though.
    2002 JDM Honda Civic Type R C package
    Spoon filter
    Hybrid Racing shifter bushes
    MandM Honda ETD
    ES Engine Mount Inserts
    Morpheus Purple Valve Cover
    HKS D1 Oil Cap
    Pressure Release Radiator Cap
    Bolt Boys engine bay bolt kit
    Vision Technical discontinued shift knob
    Vanner Tuner Special Low seat rails
    Pioneer HU
    OEM Civic Si Nose mask
    Mugen License Plate bolts
    JDM Emissions Decal
    Willans Adjustable tow strap
    Enkei RPF1 17x8.5 +30
    Potenza RE70 225/45R17
    JDMYard Black Lug nuts
    Project Mu HC+ pads
    Mugen Oil Filter
    Modified T1R Inverted tie rod ends.

    I think that’s it, not much hey? lol

    I’ve noticed your build thread title; what does TRAVDM mean?
    Lol! It was coined by a few of the OG members on here years ago, most of which I don’t think are even still posting. I believe it was simply a way to describe the way I modified my EG back in the day. I guess I modified my car slightly differently. I know, a modded EG Civic, how original can one be? Well, I think it was the finer details that I attended to and the mix of parts I used on which that term, TRAVDM was based. JDM, US, Aussie and Euro parts all made their way onto my EG at one time. To me, some of the real 'TRAVDM' mods on the EG were things like my Battleship Grey Racing S Enkei's, camouflaged painted Rear tow hook, Shaved 'Fish Finger' valve cover, EDM bumper 'whiskers', polished OEM muffler, minimalistic engine bay and ridiculously trimmed door panels etc. lol The EP isn’t heavily modified at the moment but I consider it modified under the same 'slightly different' philosophy and in the same vein as the EG. More mods soon! I promise lol

    So what’s going to be your next car?
    For the family duties id love a current shape Odyssey, no MT though lol . For fun it, could be anything, I think I have a long time left with the EP3 but I would consider anything that is fun, comfy and I can race on the weekends. Maybe a modified CRZ or a 2020 Civic Type R or rebuild like an ancient EA or something? lol I know for sure that it will be Honda.

    That's cool you get to take your car out to the track. Do you have any track stories to tell us?
    Hmmm not really... I remember once back in the day, I raced on King springs/Koni yellows, burning oil D16, RE002’s on 14 inch OEM delsol rims. Sick setup right? Well no! My car over heated because I had a copper OEM radiator with over 200,000kms on it! Lol. Point is though; you don’t need heaps of mods/parts to race! Get out there in your stock Breeze! You’ll love it, I promise! .

    What future mods have you got planned?
    Not a lot more planned really, would like a set of rubbish rims for track that I can beat on and not feel bad about, maybe also a roof rack to cart them to the track. I would love a few smaller things like a Cusco Rear Sway and maybe a Key’s dished steering wheel but for us 2013 is the year of investments not Hondas lol No engine swaps or turbo anytime soon.

    Going back to what you said earlier, how do you find the time to juggle your life (wife, daughter, study, work fitness) and being able to have an outlet?
    It’s easy, if you want to do something enough you’ll make it work. I just sacrifice things others wouldn’t. For example, every Sunday morning I get up super early and bomb some mountain roads. The type of roads that sports bike guys love. To do this I have to make sure all my other stuff is done, Uni etc. Most people would just sleep in, if I did that, no mountain drive for me. I also don’t watch TV and seldom drink. These things to me are wasteful, time is precious. We only have one life; why not get the most out of it?

    What message can you give to all the new guys who've joined OzHonda?
    New guys? Just keep reading, not from one source, like 1000! The internet can be full of crap so read in more places than there - magazines or books. There is an enormous amount of information in the humble car manual. OEM specifications/dimensions a plenty. Google is great but why not just check your manual first? Lol so read heaps, measure twice, cut once and be friendly. If you don’t know, just ask. I can think you’re a fool, but don’t open your mouth and prove it .

    Haha so tell the readers, out of the four cars you've owned, which is the worst?
    The worst would have to be my 1st car which was a crappy old Ford Laser LOL! But worst Honda? Well all Hondas are awesome but for me and what I want to do with my EP atm, I would say the CRV. Super practical but slow as slow! Lol Not that my EP is fast, it still feels fast. The CRV feels big, high and dependable. Great family car and even a comfy cruiser but on the track or in the mountains? Scary lol.

    I've noticed you haven’t focussed too much on audio or aesthetics; why is that?
    I’m not sure, I just think most Hondas look nice mostly stock. Especially the type R's. I have thought about a few things for the EP3 but it has OEM front and rear lips, nice side skirts and grill. There are some super nice JDM ones around but the cost puts me off. I would rather spend that money on brakes or suspension tuning. Each to their own though. I do love a stock bodied Honda all polished/waxed and shiny. I would hope most Honda heads do too. Audio? I’m a huge fan of music but think of the weight! lol

    What's your take on the AUDM scene? Is it still following USDM/JDM trends or branching off into its own thing?
    I think the epicentre of the Honda universe is still the US. The hellaflush thing has taken off in Japan and IMHO still regarded as the gun thing to do here in AU. Which is fine, people should always build their cars for them. If they want their rims to stick out, cool. As for the scene in general, well I think it has always been a mix of cruises/meets and some track work.
    Track Hondas I think are still in the minority, but I do understand it is NOT a cheap hobby. I have seen some people get caught up in what they 'think' they need to go to track. All you NEED is a car and helmet. I used to race with a stock d series! It’s all fun, sure you won’t smoke GTR's but that’s not what track is about, it’s about driving your car to your limits and having fun. Track really is the ultimate enjoyment you can have in your car IMHO.
    I wish more Hondas and car owners in general got to the track. Support the tracks offering days, get involved. Tracks won’t stay open if no one goes and no new tracks will ever open up. Even spectating is fun. I hope the AU scene keeps growing and evolving and hope to see more Hondas at the track too.
    My mates and I recently did a track day and Honda meet in one weekend, if we can, why can’t you?

    Thanks for your time Travis. Lastly, what does your plates say?
    Plates say "oh word" (00WRD) Lol.

    The photographer wished to stay anonymous, nice shots mate
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    Great person, great car and great pics. Big thanks to Any too!
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    great read! i was going through the 'travdm ep3' thread just the other day.

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    Qld feature

    Awesome ep3!

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    Awesome read!
    S P A M | W O R K S

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    Trav you old dog...
    Bombing putty rd sunday mornings with you are the best of times.
    Timmy_B DC5 Build

    "isnt the vtec the same concept as a turbo anyway.."

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    haha TRAVDM FTW !!
    you still love those enkeis huh ?!! they're MINE NOW bee-atch !

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    Makes me touch my penor. Lookin good trav.

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    Nice one Trav
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    Nice feature! Nicely modded!
    '12 PWP Tree Hugging Machine
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    cd5 accord
    looking good brother
    nice pictures in the feature too

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    Lots of Hondas
    Thank you for the comments everybody

    and thanks to OH !
    oh wrd!

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