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    type r head conversion

    Not sure if there is already a post about this so sorry if there is.

    Ive been told that a dc2 gsi integra has the same bottom end as a type R. So if I were to put a type R head on a gsi motor and have an aftermarket ECU is it possible that the gsi now has vtec ? If this is true, is it as easy as it sounds or is there complications.


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    the dc4 gsi b18 bottom end is similar but not to the same specs as the type r version

    you can use the type r head or even a b16a head to convert it to vtec

    its commonly called a lsvtec/crvtec or frankenstein

    plenty of forum threads about them

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    from memory they have different pistons? which give them different compression rates.

    you would need a custom tune to make it run, so a the ECU that matches the engine head wont be enough, unless its tune-able

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    Different pistons, different crank setup, different rods I believe. Head studs in the B18B aren't designed to withhold the high RPM of the VTEC head and need to be changed too.

    This is called the LS/VTEC swap mate, or 'Poor man's Type R'. Generally people use the B16A head because it's cheaper. Yes it can be done, and to be honest it's relatively easy as the heads are a straight swap. Tunable ECU is best.

    However there are other issues that come with the LS/VTEC swap. The main problem is that the Integra GSI gearbox is a piece of sh!t and isn't designed to be driven in a 'sporty' manner. It's a cruising gearbox and definitely worth upgrading if you go down this path to realise the full potential of the motor. Heads studs should be changed with new units, and there's a number of other parts you need to consider replacing.

    At the end of the day, the money you pay to upgrade your head, tune the car, get a decent gearbox, probably a new exhaust etc honestly you may as well just buy a VTiR or Type R Integra to begin with. Or just swap a motor straight in.

    Check out this website here. This is a good thread IMO:

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