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    [CU2] cleaning perforated leather seats.

    Hey guys, just wondering how you guys clean and condition your leather seats on the cu2 lux since they are perforated. I have tried using the Meguiar's gold class cleaner/conditioner, but the conditioner (which is pink) always goes in the holes and it takes a lot of effort to get out. Anyone have a better method or any recommendations for other products?

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    Possibly just use the wipes? They light condition and protect while the shampoo full on conditioner is for bad sun damage or wear aka neglected seats. I've used the wipes on my friends cu2 and they come up tops!

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    Zaino Z9 cleaner and Z10 conditioner - quite a liquid formulation so they won't get stuck in the pores. Just make sure to spread them onto a towel before application.

    Combo cleaner/conditioners aren't very good.

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    The best leather care I've used is BMW Leather Lotion. Part # 83120411413

    I've worked at a few different dealership franchises as found this is the best stuff. It moistens the leather, and protects it as well. Stops with the whole aging process. Apply once a week. Best shit

    Be prepared to pay about $70 though. Unless you know someone. Good luck

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