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    How to install Remote central locking in a 99 civic ek sedan? :(

    hey guys.. bought this and an actuator from jaycar

    the car has central locking already... i need help on the wiring and where to find them. and also best place to mount the actuator..

    thanks in advance

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    Lightbulb OzHonda needs a DIY Keyless install for 96-00 Civic's PLEASE

    Just jumping on in and asking / pleading with the knowledgeable ones to do a DIY thread on installing keyless (Remote) entry into the civic 96-00 Ek1 hatch / sedan or both if there is a difference.

    I have searched this OzHonda (and the web - plenty info on the US version but not applicable to Aust Mod) and have come up with an option but not sure it is the best way, only one option from Dave_Biscuits and he worked it out himself by the looks as he asked for help with an earlier thread.

    I have PM a few people that have posted the question of installing key less entry but no reply.

    If anyone knows the wiring, the steps I will personally do this on my car take photos and document it here. Tell me how a professional installer would tackle this job,

    There are over 50 threads dotted through the OzHonda asking how with reference to the civic 96-00 only one has been answered with more than just the usual buy an actuator stick it in the drivers door and no one except Dave_biscuits seems to be able to say where to hook the wires up.

    Any way please assist and in turn I am happy to repay this buy doing a DIY with pics or video.

    Looking forward to some help - as is the guy above and the 50 odd other posters asking.-

    Cheers Matt
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    If you buy a standalone remote central locking kit (not connected to alarm) all you really have to do is connect the control unit to Ground and 12v power, it's that simple. The actuators just connect to the unit
    They even give u wiring diagrams

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    Cheers Dorikin, is this the best option to have a stand alone remote / alarm that controls an aftermarket actuator that is installed in the drivers door to move the locking rail back and forth?
    I understand that there is an actuator in the passenger door, but how does Honda do it on the GLI is there a plug in remote control box?
    Dave_biscuit shows that using an after market remote brain with 2 x relays that he was able to control the existing actuators, he did this installing it in the drivers door?

    Sorry if I am being a wood duck and asking obvious questions but it has really got me confused.

    Some sites have said you can just trigger the actuators from within the Civic's cabin area by plunging into existing wiring but I cant find where this wiring is.
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    Cool THE Answer??

    here is the link to the Dave_Biscuit option which has photos.

    after more research via google I have found the relay wiring that I believe is pictured in the above post
    Actuators / Reverse Polarity Relay Diagram

    also how to find what type of door trigger you have

    So tomorrow I will buy 2 x relays as in the diagram and hook up the stand alone remote unit. If this works I will do a DIY on it.
    Please if anyone has any input about this method please let me know as it should not require an extra actuator as that is in the door already OEM.
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    Cool let us know how you go

    I always believed the factory actuator in the drivers door was simply used to send a signal to lock/unlock the passenger door when you opened it manually with a key. (But I could be wrong if dave_biscuits found a way to electrically control it)

    That being said, if you took this to a shop they would test this by locking/unlocking the passenger door to see if that controlled the drivers door - if not, they would install an aftermarket actuator in the drivers door to drive the rod

    Ps. The GLi model does not have remote central locking (EK)

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    Well, it is done I ended up with Keyless remote entry.
    I tried Dave_Biscuits relays with a reote brain but even with the wiring diagrams from I could not get it to fire up.
    So back to Jaycar and home with central locking kit with remote.
    I put the remote brain in the door save on wiring back to the cabin , fitted the actuator in the drivers door and Bob's your Fn Uncle. So now I have spent $70 on the project I am okay with this - I know on Ebay could have been 30 bucks but hey no service or advice like Jaycar and people need jobs in my community. Took around 3 hours to do, that's from an absolute beginner.
    I spent both Sat and Sun all last weekend trying to work it all out as I though I did not need the actuator, well should have gone this way first off in hindsight.
    Thanks to everyone

    Now for some other projects from the DIY section...
    98 EK1 CXi Hatch - Beginner and newbie. Go Easy..........

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    Reviving this old thread


    Couldn't find a simple answer to this problem and after a lot of research and confusion I finally worked out how to make my civic have keyless remote central locking.
    Car is a 1998 EK Civic hatch GLI - Factory fitted central locking (both doors open using key), + electric windows if that makes any difference.

    * This method only requires a remote central locking control unit (including remotes) no other actuators or parts needed. Very simple 4 wire process:

    1. Take off drivers door trim

    2. Locate door actuator plug which is grey and has 5 wires(bottom right of door):
    - black
    - white/red stripe
    - yellow/red stripe
    - blue/white stripe*
    - blue/red stripe*

    We are going to be using both; blue/white stripe , blue/red stripe which are the signal wires.

    3. Locate factory central locking unit control box (sits in a pocket inside left hand side of door):

    This unit has many wires coming out of it. All you need to find is
    -black (ground)
    -white/green stripe (constant power)

    Remember to check with test light

    The remote central locking kit I purchased came with actuators and was for a 4 door car. Not to over complicate things, it was also double master control which basically meant it was designed having 4 wires attached to the front door actuators and 2 wires on the rear actuators. It may be different in your case depending on the kit you purchase.
    In my case, I cut off the actuators which left me with just the control unit with wires coming out. I had RED (constant 12v), BLACK, GREEN (signal), BLUE(signal), BROWN and WHITE (both signal for master front doors which are not needed). The green and blue wires are what i used.

    4. Connect wires!

    [Aftermarket Central locking control unit > factory wires]

    RED + > WHITE/GREEN + constant power
    BLACK - > BLACK - negative ground

    GREEN > BLUE/RED signal
    BLUE > BLUE/WHITE signal

    5. I mounted the control box next to the actuator plug with zip ties and double sided tape. Be careful it clears the window and door trim!

    Obliviously every kit will be different, just connect the actuator signal wires from your aftermarket locking unit to the factory wires i have pointed out.

    After testing with remote you should have both drivers and passenger side doors opening and closing, all without touching an actuator or relay Hope this helps

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    Nice work
    So there is a factory actuator in the drivers side door to drive the locking mech remotely?

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    Thanks! Very easy once I took off the door trim and stopped scouring the internet with part answers.
    Yes, there is an actuator in the drivers door for factory central locking. And once you incorporate a keyless remote it is just triggered by the remote box instead of physically by the key to unlock the door.

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