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Thread: Ecu+cam help!

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    Question Ecu+cam help!

    Hey guys.
    I own a 2000 dc4 Integra type r AUDM
    current mods are intake, exhaust, headers, cat.

    I am thinking of running TODA a2 cams, gears, belt and springs in my otherwise stock engine. In order to see any decent power gains I will have to get the car tuned and dynod. Is my stock ECU going to be able to support a tune that will see power gains from the cam upgrade? If so does anyone know people who would specialize in doing so?

    Any and all help would be appreciated. My knowledge in ECU's is pretty limited so if I'm way off the mark with everything please tell me.

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    you need an ecu piggyback like a hondata or something, some1 on the forum sells them in nsw and does tuning too.

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    Would the piggyback option work with my ecu being a p73 obd2?
    From what I read there is pretty much nothing that can be done with it. From what I can tell doesn't hondata systems only work off the obd1 system?

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    Kpro for my b18...?
    Could I hook up a greddy emanage to the ****?
    Really don't want to have to buy another ecu

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    you'll need hondata. talk to a tuner first and see what they recommend.
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