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    hi everyone need some help, ok I bought a turbod ek sedan running a haltech e6x, stupid me didn't look over the car enough when I bought it and got it home and found out that it had been crashed and bent a chasis rail, but anyway I bought another one stock as a rock, still I started cleaning up the engine bay and realised it has a d16y8, so there for has vtec, but issue is by the looks of it they have used the d16y4 engine loom and not changed it too the d16y8 loom, now im about too start boosting it but I need some help should I change the loom over too a d16y8 loom before doing it, or just try and wire up vtec too ecu??

    sorry for any spelling mistake, its been a long day at work.

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    ok listen to me straight up legit what you should honestly do because its such a cool thing to do is rather than swapping for a vtec loom you should swap a legend chassis into your ek and then swap in an nsx engine into that then cbauto can perform critical engine theory on the vehicle bringing in ultimate umami flavours ay ehh heee
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