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    Crx Del Sol

    SCHOI's EG5 (Previously eg front delsol)

    Beginning of a new car with heaps on its way

    I previously owned a Crx DelSol with an Civic Eg front end conversion.

    Bought it stock did the front end conversion got in a accident once but then this happened again a month or so ago

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    Pulled the motor out for the first time and parted it out

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    And the the EG front DelSol RIP at a scrap metal now .

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    After selling most parts and saving up a little only had a budget of 5-6k for a new Honda
    Always wanted a EG hatch but waited for the right one.
    and then a mate of mine msged me saying he has a EG5 Vti for sale for a great price so I grabbed it straight away

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    Mechanically was in decent condition stock D16Y1 motor, sunroof and interior was clean but the only bad point of it was the paint as you can see in photos.
    Clear coat was peeling every part of the car.
    So the very first thing I did was give it a full respray . A slight different black was told its an S2000 Berlina Black

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    After getting the car back first mod I did is amber corners!
    Really cheap brand new and makes the car look so much better!

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    Had the car looking like this for few weeks and bought these eg6 goodies

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    Eg6 double din and jdm Eg long armrest both pretty rare items but was lucky enough to find them
    Also added LED interior light and DC2R Gear Knob from privous car

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    Few days down
    A friend of mine was selling his eg so i asked him for his duckbill
    Offered him swaps with my stock spoiler cash his way.
    Drove about an hour there and hour back from where i lived and picked it up
    The clear coat on it wasnt in the best shape so i gave it few layers of clear coat

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    Looks good as new
    The fitment wasnt the best but didnt expect much from a rep

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    Had the time to transfer my "SCHOI" plates on the car,
    $130 everytime i transfer
    And with all my cars bought HID kit/ led parkers from max vision Australia and installed them straight away

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    When I first purchased this car Ive made a decision on what set of wheels to get.
    From the very start the plan was to get a set of Enkei Silver RPF1's
    But recently a friend of mine offered me his set of Work Meisters that I could not deny
    This set was privously owned by a close friend of mine and was White with a little damage but my other friend that bought it off him fixed the damages and powder coated to Lambo Titanium and wrapped in new Nankang semi slicks

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    As these wheels were powdercoated the "Work" stickers have been removed so i had ordered them few days ago and they arrived at the perfect day when i picked up the wheels

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    As much as i want to run these wheels right now after test fitting them with stock suspension and height the wheels are putt aside for now
    I probably buy a set of king springs temporary and upgrade to Coilovers in the near future

    This is how the car is now

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So far nothing special with the build but have lots in plan
    An engine swap coming its way July/August after tax return . Tax Return = motor swap
    Planning on a b18c7 or possible a b20/b16 frank but not sure just yet , probs have to see what in the market then
    And little mods along the way

    MOD list for the future ;
    Exhaust system
    Eg6 Front lip
    Window tint
    Window visors
    F7 Lca
    F7 subframe brace

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    keen to see the wheels on

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    Melbourne West
    Yellow EG =D
    keen to see more of this car!
    WINTON PB - 1:48.9
    EG5 1.6L SOHC

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