Hey guys,

Long shot here, but was wondering if anyone would be willing to let me borrow their 'CVT Drive Pulley Speed Sensor' for testing?
Just want to do a simple swap into my Jazz & test if it works, and swap it back.
It's located next to the dipstick for the transmission (RHS), so the airbox will need to be removed to access it. I'd assume most here are capable of removing it themselves, if not I'm happy to do so if you're ok with it.

Basically reverse is no longer engaging on the Jazz (2003 VTi), and it either just rolls forward, or revs as though in neutral when throttle is applied. It does work at times and if it does work, it's when the car is cold, once warmed up I haven't managed to get it working. When working it pulls fine on flats & uphills, no slipping. However it does take about a second to engage still, will still roll/rev freely before engaging.

Initially did some research online and figured it was most likely error code P1885 going by the symptoms it had. Got a sensor from the wreckers and replaced it, still the same as the original, though that could have been water damaged or so being out in the open with the hood up.
Have since taken it to Honda and they gave me the same error code & diagnosis on changing the sensor, though they can't guarantee that it'll fix it. So i'm wanting to test one that definitely works (or at least one from a Jazz that reverses without issue) before shelling out the $$$ for a part and not knowing if it will fix my reverse or not.

Let me know what you've got!