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Thread: Speaker Upgrade

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    Speaker Upgrade

    Hey Guys,

    Looking to upgrade the fronts in my car. Looking at 6" Splits and not really sure where to go. The JL Audio C2-600 look alright and i've also been told to look at ground zero speakers although there's not much i can find online. I'm preferably looking to spend under 250.


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    find out if you can install 6.5 inch splits

    if u can
    spend a few more bucks

    and get some morel maximo 6's

    and then an amp to suit
    and then sound deadening
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    Think my civic is stock 6" right? Is there much hacking i'd need to do to fit 6.5's in there? Also know anywhere in sydney which stocks them?


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    Found them here but kinda scared of buying fakes from ebay

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    I got Morel Tempo Coax 6 (~$200) for Christmas with angle adjustable tweeters (don't want to cut tweeter holes in anything or dash mount) and i have to vote for Morels - fabulous! The Maximo's are good too.

    We got really cheap sound deadening from an industrial supplier and it turned out better than the stuff available retail. for stockists

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