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first generation jazz 1.5 wheels tyres recommendation

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    first generation jazz 1.5 wheels tyres recommendation

    I have a first generation jazz 1.5. I like the space, the motor but the 14" wheels totally look bad. Especially with the height of the car. Any suggestion on tyre and wheel combination? I'm thinking lots of city driving plus some nice long country trips. Maybe 185 or 195s? 16" seems a bit too much. Brands extra given that theres a bit of tyre noise over 110kph?

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    Hello! Each person has their tastes in wheels, so I can only suggest...

    Cheapest option is to take off the hubcaps to reveal the steel wheels, or get an aftermarket hubcap set to suit your liking.

    If you wanna remain the stock look, maybe get the Pre facelift vti-s 's(Pre '06) alloy wheels:


    Facelift's ('06+) vtis 's alloy wheels:

    Both are 15" x 6 on 185/55 tyres

    Or, any other nice looking wheels from another Honda model.

    Noticing that you generally drive long distances, I recommend getting 14" or 15" wheels, on 185 max width tyres, for better fuel consumption, and comfort. For 15" wheels, depending on the width of the wheel and the brand of tyre (same size tyres of different brands aren't always exactly the same in dimensions), 175 will run the risk of getting gutter rashes on the wheels if you are not careful (Even with stock 185s, I have gutter rashes on mine).
    Speaking from personal experience, lighter wheels DO give better acceleration and therefore fuel economy. Just ask your friend Google.

    However, people do say that larger (16") wheels do look better.

    Brands of tyres I cannot comment.
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    Thanks so much for the visuals and advice. Have been looking around for 15" Honda alloys Both pre and after 06 look good. I do think the suspension is not set up for the lower profile tyres needed for a 16" wheel.
    Think noise will be a factor for tyres. Google will be my friend there. Cheers
    Maybe someone can add any thoughts on aftermarket alloys? And what they think about 16" wheels? and Tyres?

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