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    VIC - club plates and 6 point cages

    Building a car at the moment for track work,

    question is; welded in 6 point cage with side cross bars. Is this acceptable for club plates or does it fall within the ADR's and Vic RWC which states that side bars aren't acceptable unless they are detachable.

    Limited straight answers on what's acceptable for club plates.

    Car will only be on plates to be driven to a from the track. Just don't have the space to keep a trailer and additional tow car.

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    I would check with your car club before doing anything expensive/drastic. If you're talking ADR's, absolutely no. Any changes need to adhere to VSB 14 regs and then would still need engineers VASS cert. Most guys at my club have a trailer or leave race car relatively stock

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    As far as I'm aware, to get club plates now, you need a current RWC. once done and car registered with club plates, as long as the car isn't driven on normal roads and only used for track, you should be able to do anything to the car.


    That would defeat the purpose of the plates?! If a track car is only going to be used for track, then Tow it and theres no need for Club rego.

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    Consider stretching the rules with a removable cage ?

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    With the current regulations on Ch plates your car has to get a current rwc.

    That means no cage or other mods without VASS certificate. You can't get a VASS for a 6 point cage anymore as far as I'm aware, you may be able to get a half cage approved if you have your car registered as a 2 seater.

    This only applies for new applications if you applied before the rule changes you didn't need a rwc only scrutineers by your respective club.

    It's going to cost you to get it all official now.

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