How do I clean my stainless steel tailpipes without scratching or damaging them?

All of our muffler tips (or tail pipes) are made of high quality 304 grade stainless steel. Not like the rest of the system, the tips (or (tail pipes) are located furthest away from the engine, and are not exposed to extreme temperate. Muffler tips can remain shiny for most of the productís life.

However, if they are not cleaned often, heat, tar and road grime can build up over time and will make the muffler tip much harder to clean than a well maintained one.

There are many products which are suitable for cleaning your exhaust system and tailpipes. Use a sponge to scrub the system with regular vehicle wash to remove the majority of the soot.

Once clean you can either use Car Polish or silver polish to bring it back to a shiny new standard and keeping your XForce system looking its best!

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