Winter is amongst us in full force and with predominantly cold weather, you can be sure that snow and freezing rain is just around the corner!

This poses problems not only on trips to the snowfields, but when returning to your vehicle after frigid mornings and evenings parked anywhere in cold weather.

Weve all been there. Upon arrival at your vehicle the windscreen is frosted beyond sight, and the temperature has dropped so low that the washer fluid has frozen beyond use.

This makes sight poor through the windscreen, and also increases the risk tenfold of scratching your windscreen by functioning the wipers dry, without any fluid.

Thankfully, MOTUL makes a duo of windscreen washers perfect for use in winter, which are suitable for all windscreen washer systems and also suitable for head light washers.

Find out which MOTUL windscreen washer you should use in winter below:

Motul Vision Expert Ultra

Motul Vision Expert Ultra is a concentrated windscreen washer with a pleasant green apple flagrance, ready for mixing to your required dilution strength.

Its concentrated formula allows dilution adjustment dependant on the severity of protection required. A Methanol-free formula, it also cleans and degreases the windscreen efficiently, removing insect streaks, before drying without leaving any marks for superior visibility. All while respecting the windscreen wiper rubber blades, and preventing the formation of scale.

Motul Vision Expert Ultra offers excellent anti-freezing protection for washer systems and tanks all the way down to -45C / -49F. The product is available 1L and 208L

Motul Vision Expert Ultra : The concentrated ready-for-dilution windscreen washer is available in both 1L and 208L sizes.

NOTE Use the table below for dilution strengths. Utilizing straight Motul Vision Expert Ultra with no dilution offers the maximum -45C anti-freeze capability.

Motul Vision Classic

For easier use, Motul Vision Classic is a pre-mixed windscreen washer fluid that comes ready-to-use.

It does the same cleaning and degreasing you not only expect, but demand on the windscreen, but also dries without leaving marks and offers excellent anti-freezing protection for washer systems and tanks.

Motul Vision Classic will offer protection at temperatures all the way down to -20C / -4F, which means infallible performance in even the most bitter weather conditions, anywhere across Australia.

And in addition, this ready-to-use windscreen washer features a pleasant smell that is both non-chemical and non-toxic.

Motul Vision Classic: The ready-to-use pre-mixed windscreen washer is available in both 5L and 208L sizes.

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