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    Check engine light at track

    Comes only when going hard. Could be corner related. Doesn't affect performance at all and goes away immediately after turning car off so I can't check the code..

    I'm thinking either o2 sensor not happy at 8000 rpm, knock sensor? Could an oil starvation cause it (oil looked fine anyway). I started putting a sticker over it cause ****s with my mind mid lap :P

    Any ideas?

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    What engine and ecu?

    When I had a faulty knock sensor in my b18c the MIL didn't come on at all at the track until the drive home, but I'm sure the sensor was faulty the whole day.

    If I remember right the knock sensor is only monitored at low rpm (ie non vtec), it is not capable of detecting knock at high rpm. If it wasn't working properly you would get the code at cruising/low speed driving and would stay on.

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    Check engine light at track

    It's a b18c2 with a p72? (The stock one, correct me if I'm wrong).

    It's definitely coming on at high rpm but not definitely from vtec as some sessions it wouldn't come on but pretty sure vtec was engaging every lap. So seems random but related to hard driving.

    Someone at the track suggested o2 sensor if the tune was out at high rpm but I don't know if ecu cares about that.

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    There are a number of oxygen sensor related codes, might be the cause but I don't know if it is even monitored in open loop (wot).

    Vtec pressure switch is a possibility if you are getting oil starvation. Do you have an oil pressure gauge? At least you can narrow down the issue.

    Can you replicate it on the street?

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    Only happens on the street when I'm really being a dickhead and getting close to redline.

    I do have an oil pressure gauge but I might need another passenger or a go pro to look at it to check safely. Usually pressure is good. Don't know if this matters. But recently switching from a little blue hamp filter to a ryco increased the oil pressure.

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    Your ECU is supposed to retain the code in memory, so even after you turn the engine off (with out disconnecting power to the car/ecu) you should be able to check for codes.

    The code will point you in the right direction

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    Thanks ECU-MAN!

    I had two codes! 14 Electronic air control and 22 VTEC Oil pressure switch.

    Now figure out how to fix...I was having idle problems a while ago and changed the TB gasket and cleaned out the IACV and screwed in the wax thingy, cleaned it all up. That seemed to fix that problem, but I guess it's still not happy.

    I have never changed the vtec solinoid in this engine which quite high kms, but will check connections first...
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    Code 14 EACV being triggered at high rpm and over half throttle is unlikely, the ECU turns off the EACV at certain RPM and load but who knows.

    Code 22 VTP is more likely to be your problem,

    a good test would be to reset the ECU and go for a drive to simulate the fault, then check the codes again to see which of the two it is

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    Thanks again. Def sounds like it was 22 last weekend.

    I had a super low idle then a week or so ago it was hanging high about 1500, could have been the code 14. All good, she doesn't spend much time at idle anyway

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