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    [CL9] Help - Satnav not powering on

    Hey guys, new member here. I've tried searching for a solution however I cant seem to find any relevant information.

    My cl9 is fitted with an original satnav unit however im not 100% sure if it came from Honda as a satnav equipped car or if it was fitted later on in the cars life.

    The satnav unit screen went blank while the small lcd display on the dash became dimmer than usual however i could still operate the unit to choose radio stations etc. Just no display on the satnav. After pulling it apart to check for any loose plugs/wires and reinstalling, the whole unit has stopped working completely.

    I have tried replacing everything including the dvd drive, satnav unit and the upper dash display with no avail. I believe the unit isn't receiving ACC power once the key is turned as the buttons light up and the cd drive ejects CDs but nothing else.

    Has anyone had a similar issue or could maybe point me in the right direction with things to check out or maybe a wiring diagram to check if the unit is receiving power once the key is turned?


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    Usually, after confirming it is power related, I usually check for fuses and relays.
    Electrical diagram would be handy after this.

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