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    Gaijin-Garage up close and personal with the new Type R

    We heard the FK8 was in town last week so we downed tools and got into spy mode - managed to track down the car and take some photos for you guys

    The only FK8 in Australia just happened to be in Perth this week, it's a Pre-Production-Prototype, that was used as the promo car for the Australian Grand Prix, with New Mclaren Driver Stoffel Vandoorne having driven the car around for promo.

    Aggressive from all angles, and as you move around the car, each different sculpted line pops out.

    You can see from this side the sculpted hood looks different again, and the headlight and grille fascia looks even more menacing.

    The Engine Bay is not as cramped as the FK2 as the car has a longer nose, but it's still very tight under there !

    Honda made more of an effort with the engine bay from the FK2, the Head-Cover-Cover reminds you that it's a Type R.

    with the Gaijin-Garage EG staring it down, unfortunately they wouldnt let us *compare* the performance between the old and new technology.

    the hatch rear is nice and chunky, but those fake-vents... IDK

    The tripple exhaust tips and rear diffuser hanging out down low.. not glimpse of the return to 'real' rear suspension ! Hooray !!

    20" wheels on a Civic (!!!) with rubber band tyres, required to clear the huge Brembo Calipers !

    Being a Pre-Production prototype, this FK8 had no VIN and the plaque read 00000, we were told the car would most likely be crushed once it's promotional duties were completed - as this wasn't an actual vehicle, it couldnt be registered for use anywhere in the world.. I just hope they let someone take the K20C out first

    The cockpit is very well appointed and as usual for Honda, great ergonomivccs. The layout is more conventional than the FN2/FD2 style spaceship dashboards, and the main display is now digital (as the rest of the 10th Gen Civic range!) and allows you to select a numebr of different data displays but unfortunately we didnt get pics of video of this.

    From the passenger side the dashboard looks even nicer, and with the longer hood on the 10th Gen Civic, the dashboard is not as deep so there isn't the front quater window pillars to impede view also, it feels so much better than the older model. The seats are really good however they are quite wide in the middle, probably to accommodate Gaijin big-bums

    Rear space is impressive, the seats are grey fabric but with red stitching and inserts to tie into the front seats, I forgot to check if the Type R has the magic-seats sorry. The bootspace is very large also ! Plenty of room for prams, golf clubs etc

    The side profile is our favourite - it looks like it's going flat out even while parked ! The 20" wheels actually don't look too large in person but it's still hard to get used to such a huge wheel on a Civic !

    The Gaijin-Garage EG - reflected into the giant red H-Badge of the FK8.

    Basically, the car looks even better in the metal, it's not a small civic anymore, but the hatches certainly don't look as enormous as the Sedans - we're sure you're going to absolutely love this car when ou see it on the road and at dealerships... in October at the earliest...

    For more news on the FK8, please like and follow our Facebook page or follow our Instagram page.

    Also stay posted to the FK8 Civic Type R (Australia/New Zealand/Indonesia) page

    - Gaijin-Garage.

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    Nice shots,the dash looks pretty sweet. Not a fan of the car though

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    Yeah chunky. .sedan reminds me of a skyline. Love all the bits,valve cover is awesome. Just don't really like where the styling of the civic hss gone.They should have kept it more simple. Looks way too busy.

    Thanks for posting vt3c.

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    very nice! i hope they dont crush the car as its plates 00000

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