Hi all. First time posting, hope this is in the right place.
Ok, where to start
Recently the bearing on my compressor has become noisy, so I'm looking at replacing the whole unit or possibly just the bearing.
I'm looking for any info on the model compressor that's fitted to my car and am having trouble finding information to source the correct part or parts to repair it.
I can't afford to have the unit replaced by an AC auto repairer (quotes $2200 oem, $1200 aftermarker fitted) so want to source and fit it myself (and have the repairer re-gas it after) or the parts needed to repair it.
Searching the net I just keep finding parts for 1.8L models and am unsure if they are the same as the 2.0L engined models??
Any help, pointers, part number, companies, or advise on which direction to take would be fantastic
Thanks in advance