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    B series AWD with sequential box

    Can it be done? Does such a thing exist?

    I see there are sequential boxes out there but no mention of an AWD version.
    Might sound weird but I'm considering this idea for my Vtec mini which would use CRV running gear mounted to my B16A engine. I think a sequential box would make it even more fun.

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    This will be a serious build if you do go forward.

    Have you checked out:

    "Required Extras: 1996-2001 Honda CR-V All-Wheel-Drive manual 5-speed drivetrain (complete transmission with inner front and rear cv joints, shifter with linkage cables, main driveshafts, and rear differential 'pumpkin'). Any Honda B-Series engine will fit the CR-V transmission. This kit will work using our MTB3 Front subframe (and MTB2 subframe's with slight modifications). Use 1990-1997 Mazda Miata rear hubs, rear outer cv joints, and disc brake components with this kit. This frame utilizes coil-over shocks. Modifications required: Certain body modifications are necessary to fit the AWD Kit."

    Sounds like a big job.

    As for the CRV Sequential box... I know that qualife or w/e they called make them for B16's and 18s but Im sure the CRV box will be different to them. Nothing money cannot fix, if your willing to spend it, im sure one of the known gearbox places would sort you for the right amount of dollars.

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    Yep, seen the superfastmini page and know all about their kit.
    Im more interested in knowing if the sequential box is available. Quafie look to do a good one for B16/18 but there is no mention about crv or awd.

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    you would need to do some serious cutting of the shell dont forget you need to get a transfer case a tail shaft and rear diff/cradle/axles etc etc

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    B series AWD with sequential box

    Yep, know all that. Thanks for the feedback. Body mods aren't my concern. I already have a Vtec mini that I replaced a lot of panels on and did a few body mods for the Vtec conversion. I'm already aware of the running gear required and will be doing the AWD conversion as my next project. Having the a sequential box would really top it off hence the questions about the box.

    Build thread here:
    Noobie. Mini with a Vtec JDM B16A
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    you can make it awd but not sequential. Nothing exists to suit the crv bell housing only fwd B.

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