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    Fitting Tow Bar to Odyssey RB1- Advice please

    Hello to all, I have a 2005 Odyssey and considering fitting a used, genuine Honda third gen' tow bar, haven't viewed it yet but apparently the unit comes with a seven pin connector. I've been offered one at a good price but have a few basic questions and hope someone can enlighten me. I've checked all the youtube instruction videos but these of course, relate to the USA odysseys. First question is- are the Australian models pre drilled to take the Honda tow bars? I had just assumed this would simply be a bolt on job (like the USA models) but it has been suggested the chassis may have to be drilled if never previously fitted with a tow bar. I haven't got under to take a look yet but if there are no existing bolt holes it may be too awkward for a home fit exercise. Secondly, does anyone have any experience with wiring these units, do they neatly connect to wiring behind a rear panel (as per the USA videos). Thirdly can anyone confirm that the the correct part number for a third gen' Honda tow tongue is part 08H50 -SFE -L00. Thanks for your patience with the basic questions, thought the whole exercise would be a few (generally enjoyable) hours work over the weekend but now having doubts. Perhaps someone has gone through a similar experience. John

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    I'm assuming you have done this already... I have a Dec 07 build RB1 and that needed to be drilled, Honda hated me for it...

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