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    2015 Odyssey fuel consumption

    Hello all,

    I've done a search on the forums but similar threads were related to older models.

    I have recently purchased a 2015 Honda Odyssey (MY16) Vti-L model.

    I have so far only done 2 full tanks, mainly city driving, with some highway (roughly 30%). The fuel economy I'm getting seems pretty bad.
    I am currently getting about 13L/100Km and would like to see what other people are getting and any tip I can to find out if anything is wrong?

    Some of the relevant information:

    - I am driving the car with a very light foot
    - the car is always on Eco mode
    - I've tried limiting the use of air-con to see if it makes a big difference, doesn't seem to
    - I'm calculating the fuel consumption myself, not using the on-board computer.
    - the car has 27000Km on the clock
    - the car has 19" 245/40 tires

    The tires would be the obvious thing to start with, given that they're not the original Honda tires and they are slightly wider than the original set, however could these have this much of an impact on fuel economy?
    I have not had the tires balanced and/or aligned since I got the car, however I can't feel any pulling to any side or any vibration at high speed.

    I will check tire pressure soon but they do look fully inflated.

    Scanning the car with an ODB2 device does not show any fault or any ignition/spark issues.

    Any feedback on what fuel economy you guys are getting?

    Many thanks in advance

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    13L doesn't sound too bad. A review I just read said "we weren't able to get better than 10.4" and that was a new engine. Honda says 8.9 in the brochure.

    For a less than useful comparison, my weirdo import lugs about 1.7T of weight and has a 140Hp wax burning boat engine. It's definitely not a quick car off the line or around corners, so the only game I tend to play is fuel optimisation:


    5.5L/100Km - hypermiling without aircon and no passengers yelling at me to speed up.
    6.5 L/100Km - driving Sydney to Canberra & Back Max a little over allowable speed (GPS), and tooling around in Canberra with aircon on.
    7.5 L/100Km - clutch burning Sydney traffic.

    The in-dash indicator is GTFO optimistic / inaccurate. It's only really good for giving you comparative figures (e.g if you change your driving style or number of passengers you will see a change). My figures above use actual fuel, taken at the same pump.

    I did work out that air conditioning makes a 10% difference in my fuel consumption. But would you want to live without it on a day like today? Nope.

    My 1994 wagon did 10L/100Km consistently (no aircon). (much lighter car, aging 2.2 140hp petrol engine)

    BTW I use a 0w-30 oil, which supposedly minimises internal engine friction losses.
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    Thanks for the input Richard.
    I'd be happy with a 10.4L/100Km city driving.

    Heck i get better fuel consumption with my 2009 Pajero, that's a heavier car (4x4) with bigger tires (all terrain), I'm really surprised that I can only manage 13L/100Km with the honda.
    Not impressed at all.

    When the next service is due I'll get a wheel alignment hoping that makes some kind of difference. I still don't think it's normal to get that fuel consumption.

    By the way, you mention your fuel consumption figures, are those from a Honda Odyssey as well?


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    No, not an Odyssey, I have an imported Accord Diesel wagon, which is why my fuel figures aren't all that useful to you (sorry). I just wanted to put out the figures I have come up with, hoping someone else provides their figures.

    My car looks like a slightly squashier version of the Odyssey and I think they would weigh about the same. A diesel Odyssey would rock, IMO, but Honda will most likely go for a petrol hybrid in their next generation.

    Anyway, back to your figures, I have heard other 2.4Vtec owners mention that they didn't think it was all that good on fuel. Going by factory figures (assuming they all lie equally), for comparable model cars a Mazda seems to swallow 2 Litres less per 100 Km than its Honda equivalents. The 2.4 Vtec has been around for a long time and Honda seems to have skipped an engine generation on the way to Hybrids.

    When it comes to fuel efficiency - adopting a driving style that avoids quick acceleration and braking is the key.
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    Missus has 16 Oddy Vti-L, she's sitting in the early 10s (L/100Kms, based on car's computer calc)

    she does a fair bit of stop start driving, with school drop off and stuff, only on weekends do we go out for longer trips.
    Econ mode is always off, I always turn off the Auto Stop mode,

    we have the stock wheels rims,

    wheels will make a difference but i didnt expect it to be that much.

    take the oddy out for a HWY trip and sit on 90-100Kms p/hr see how she goes.

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    Thanks for all the replies.
    I'll keep track of the consumption for a bit longer and see how it goes.

    I have connected it to an ODB2 device and can track live fuel usage figures. In my last recent trip (only 8km) i was averaging 10.5L/100Km which is more acceptable.
    I'll keep an eye on it.


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