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    2006 Honda CRV Extra Engine Light Issues

    I have a 2006 Honda CRV Extra. Has been running great up until a couple of years ago, engine light comes on a fair bit and car stalls. Then have to restart and engine light goes off about about 4-5 hours.

    - 2016 I had the VTEC solenoid cleaned and refitted by Honda service centre and issue went away for 8 months. Then issue started happening again, this time more frequently.

    - 2017 Local mechanic was getting error code was P1009-VTC ...which he said was either relating to "Variable timing control malfunction" or "system advanced angle abnormal".

    - 2017 Took it back to Honda service where they checked fault codes and reported that they found solenoid int incorrect operation and timing chain incorrect tension. Removed oil pressure solenoid assembly from timing case and inspected for correct operation. Found solenoid partially seized causing erratic oil pressure control. Cleaned oil pressure control solenoid. Checked, tested etc.

    - After taking it back from Honda the problem happened again within 30 mins of driving car, so took it back immediately on the Monday (occurred on a weekend)

    - Back for another check at Honda Service centre, they check it over and report is: Error code in system 1900 VCT solenoid and actuator out of sync, both are jamming. Will require both replaced but when removed will need to check oil gallery's for oil flow as may be caused from not getting oil supply. If only solenoid and actuator required cost is $1220, if oil supply not good would need a change over motor.

    So that's the story, I just wanted to ask some Honda experts out there if the solutions mentioned are worthy. The dealership in question to me seemed like they were clutching at straws a little, and not sure how error code went from 1009 to 1900. Plus why the dealership didn't come to the second solution first seems a bit odd but I'm sure they were just investigating the causes as per normal.

    In summary, What do you think about the the final solution of the VCT solenoid and actuator to be replaced? Plausible......? and as the final measure they mention with the change over motor, changing the motor over for a 2006 CRV seems a little extreme considering the car has always been looked after. Car has done around 190,000Kms.

    Honda experts over to you >>>>

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    Seems plausible and acceptable, and it does sound like it's not getting oil supply correctly.

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