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    Jake's EK1 "Road to Honda Nats"

    Hey Everyone, first time doing a "build thread of sorts"

    After being convinced by a friend, I decided that I wanted to partake in Honda Nats, since I have been having withdrawals from not going to the track.

    So on a rainy morning I was woken up to the sound of a facebook notification - my mate had tagged me in this black GLI EK, which was perfect seeing as black is my fav colour, and factory disk brakes.

    Without hesitation I organised to go see the little honda, and sure enough, brought her home...

    First Order of business was to change the driverside axle, as it sounded as if there was a corroboree unfolding whenever I turned full lock.

    Big ol' impact

    Air tools make this a peice of cake

    it started getting messy from here on out, so I stopped taking photos.

    anyway, got the axle out relatively easy, however I realised I had accidentally picked up a B series axle from my mates shop.

    so the car sat on jackstands for a day until I got a re manufactured one through my work.

    axle back in, one 7k rpm launch out of the garage, and I was on my way to uni.

    with that out of the way, I impulse bought some 96 spec ITR wheels - mid lecture - for a steal.

    To my suprise, they came within a couple of days - FROM PERTH!

    Extremely happy with them for the price, only downside is that I'll need to run adapter spacers - with locktite of course

    More Updates Soon!
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    Keep us posted m8

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    Ok so after a week long hunt for adapter spacers locally, the wheels are on!

    they fill out the guards well, now for coilovers...

    The front pair came with 2012 build ad08's and to be honest, they still grip awesomely!

    Will probably run these tyres as rears for H nats and get a new pair for the front.

    Stopped by a mates shop to check out this beast! (and grab some parts)

    aaaand, last but not least, a steering wheel to replace that lump of 90's vinyl that used to be attatched to the steering collumn..

    its a 320mm unknown wheel, but came with a momo corse horn button, for only $90 off yahoo japan!!

    Thats it for now, more to come
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    Ok so, interesting twist of events, but lets stay chronological...

    picked up a buddyclub p1 fixedback seat with rails for an absolute steal!

    but unfortunately there was a suprise hiding for me...

    got to work making a channel and filled it with epoxy, then whipped out some fibreglass

    A bit of paint!

    aaaaaaaaandddd now for the bad news. My beloved ek1 got t boned, and is most likely a write off....

    all the goodies out

    but fortunately, I tracked down a new shell to stay on track for honda nats!!

    no where near as clean as the old car, but came with a set of headers aaandd VOLK TE37's in 14x6.5 +14

    Obligatory Touge Test

    Thats all for now! the next two weeks will be a rush to get everything finished!

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    So a little while since the last update, but there is a bit of content to cover.

    So, got a set of Intima SR Brake Pads and DBA Rotors - Which performed awesome on the track, perfect match for the 80kw beast...

    Next up, some GAB SS Coilovers

    Black Bonnet from the written off Hatch, and some fancy stickers to make it look semi-legit.

    and now, what we've all been waiting for....

    By some miracle, managed to take home the win for class 1! Stoked!
    Managed a PB of 1:16.1 at WP, keen to go back and get down into the 14's with some better steer tyres and less weight... then the swap will begin .

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    Now for the exciting part...

    Found a cheap DC2 VTIR with a JDM GSR motor (japanese version of b18c2) with a built head (supertech valvetrain, skunk2 stage 1 cams, polished and ported). Has a bunch of bolt on goodies too....

    engine will be coming out soon, stay tuned. Also if you're feeling generous, follow my instagram (@TTEAMENJOY) page for updates/stickers etc.

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